How Kids Kingdom Transformed Its 3 UAE Centers and Doubled Their Admissions


3 in Dubai (UAE), 1 in Gurugram (India)



EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

  • 4X better occupancy rate
  • Fee payment cycle down to 7 days
  • Lead CRM for a well-rounded enquiry-to-enrollment journey

Kids Kingdom Story

Launched in 2015, Kids Kingdom was opening new centers every two years. They had opened an international center for the first time, in India, when COVID hit the world. They had to reorganize their existing manual and excel driven operations to fit the “new normal”. Kids Kingdom reached out to Illumine with its challenges and aspirations in June 2020. In four weeks Kids Kingdom was operating with a new energy powered by Illumine.



Challenge #1

Correlating student and staff data

Challenge #2

Efficient lead management process

Challenge #3

Tracking payment status and late fee

Sana and her team at Kids Kingdom had a hard time keeping a tab on the center’s day-to-day operations, whether related to children’s daily activities, payment status, or new enrollment enquiries. The school database was scattered and maintained by various individuals. This indirectly impacted their communication and relationship with parents. They needed a streamlined way of maintaining and accessing these pieces of information.


Solution #1

Easy to navigate dashboard for complete student’s portfolio

Solution #2

Automated billing solution for end-to-end invoices-to-cash journey

Solution #3

Lead CRM for a well-rounded enquiry-to-enrollment journey

Sana was most relieved by Illumine’s dashboard which brought her entire childcare center into her view. With one click she knew what her center’s financials or enrollment landscape looked like. Her team felt more empowered, more connected, and at the same time more independent to collaborate with colleagues and parents. Parents were impressed by Illumine’s parent app and were convinced by the progressive stance that Kids Kingdom took toward Early Childhood Education.

From the management perspective, illumine has improved the way we run our centers. We are in firm control of our financial health, parent satisfaction has greatly improved and we are better able to plan our admissions & growth.
Rajesh Kumar
Director, Kids Kingdom Group
I can confidently say that Illumine has been a game-changer for our organization. The lead and enquiry management feature has not only made our process of generating leads and follow-ups more efficient, but it has also significantly increased our success rate in converting them into tours and admissions. Personally, it's a big, big yes.
Sana Bilal
Center Manager & Academic Head


Result #1

4X better occupancy rate

Result #2

Fee payment cycle down to 7 days

Result #3

98% parent satisfaction

Illumines dashboard lets teachers at Kids Kingdom access a student’s portfolio in different contexts like learning milestones, attendance, nutrition, etc, and allows them to better plan for activities. When they share children’s journeys with their parents and enter into two-way communication with them over Illumine app, they forge a relationship of trust – the key to strengthening a brand name. Kid’s Kingdom was able to nurture four times more leads that converted to enrollments.

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