Digital attendance app
for preschools and daycare

Give way to contactless check-in at your preschool or daycare with Illumine’s child care attendance software. 

1000+ reviews! 4.9

A feature packed attendance software

 Record attendance in real-time for both staff and students at a click of a button or QR code. Manage authorize pick-ups, record temperature, get real time classroom ratios and much more.

Contactless check-in

Go paperless:

Medical forms

Classroom Ratios

Record late check-ins

Record Temperature

Authorise pick-ups

Attendance Based Billing

Adopt a faster and more efficient
way of marking attendance


Digitize your attendance process and save money on paper, stationary, and resources.


Saved per month

Save time

Fasten the check-in/check-out at your center process with our digital attendance platform.


40+ hours

Saved on manual attendance.

Improve accuracy

Reduce the risk of any human errors being caused while recording attendance.


Up to 32%

Increase in accuracy of attendance data.

The attendance app is available on Mac, Android and Ios

Safe and secure attendance process

Illumine smoothens all the attendance, pick-up, and drop-off-related process for you. Features such as designated pick-ups, customisable medical forms, and temperature recording enable you to handle everything from one place.

Automated notifications

Parents get automated alerts every time their child checks in or checks out from the school. So you never have to worry about their peace of mind.

Ensure safety

Configure medical forms and log-in temperatures to reduce the risk of infections and assure the safety of everyone on the premises.

Designated pick-ups

Give parents and teachers peace of mind by authorising and streamlining student pick-ups with our attendance app.

Simplify attendance management

Say goodbye to the  attendance sheets and speed up your attendance marking process with Illumine’s digital attendance app. Everything you need to streamline your processes – available to you in one place.

Contactless check-in

Go paperless and save time with our attendance app by streamlining check-in and check-out processes at your preschool.

Student and staff attendance

Students and staff can be checked in manually/ by entering the kiosk code or by scanning the school's QR code..

Record late check-ins

The attendance app automatically records and displays late check-ins for you. Manage and monitor late attendance easily with our platform.

Illumine gives you features designed to align with your local regulations and give your families peace of mind. Features such as designated pick-ups, customizable medical forms, and temperature recording enable you to handle everything from one place.

Authorise pick-up

The app gives parents the option of designating the guardians who will pick up or drop off their children.

Medical forms

The app lets you customise and configure medical forms for the parents to record temperature, medical declarations, allergy records, etc.

Temperature checks

Illumine gives you an option to record the students' temperatures while check-in and check-out times. Ensure the kids' safety and get prepared to run your business under new circumstances with the attendance software.

Digitise your attendance processes

Bring all your attendance-related operations to a single screen. Bill your customers and pay your employees conveniently using the attendance reports, get real-time student-teacher ratios, and manage your center better than ever.

Attendance billing

Illumine's attendance reports can be used to pay the salary of your staff, bill the parents, collect subsidies from the Government, and more.

Real-time ratios

Illumine gives you the data on the real-time teacher-student ratio at the preschool. You can easily access the information through the administrative dashboard of the daycare attendance app.

Automated attendance reports

All sign-out and sign-in records are automatically logged and updated in real-time by the platform. Illumine makes attendance tracking as simple as it gets.

Most trusted childcare management software for preschools and daycare

Our child care center software is used by over 1000 schools across the world. The childcare app is available for IOS, Android, MAC, Windows, and Linux in multiple languages

Customers love our digital attendance software

Over 1000 five stars reviews across G2, Capterra, Software Advice, Playstore and Appstore

We’ve made our platform as flexible as it gets,
just for you.

Make Illumine your own. Customise plans as per your requirements.

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