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The Most Comprehensive Childcare Billing Software

Illumine brings to you an advanced and best billing software for childcare that will enable childcare providers to easily create parent billing profiles and streamline billing processes by automatically keeping track of payments, sending payment reminders and creating reports..

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Revolutionise Billing and Payment Processing with Our Daycare Billing Software

Illumine daycare accounting program makes billing, sending reminders and reporting a hassle-free automated process. Payments are automatically imported into Illumine’s accounts receivable system.

Automated Scheduled Invoicing

The daycare accounting software allows the childcare centers to generate automated invoices and send them to each parent separately. The invoices can be scheduled on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Online Payments Option for Parents

Our pre school billing app provides parents a way to pay their bills securely and conveniently. Every payment could be made online, making it easier for the centers to manage the payments. It supports credit, debit card, ACH transfers and Netbanking.

Payment Settlement Records

Illumine childcare billing software automatically records every payment transaction and the finance department admin also receives the daycare payment log report. Parents also receive their payment receipts online in a PDF format. This childcare accounting software is a huge time-saver.


Billing History for Parents

With just one click, parents can view all their daycare bills as well as daycare payment logs. It makes it easier for them to check the records anytime without needing to visit the school

Illumine Child Care billing Platform Features

childcare billing software

How Illumine Benefits Childcare Center Owners & School Administration

Illumine’s childcare center billing software streamlines the billing and payment processes for childcare center financial administrators by automating most of the functions like scheduling invoices or reminding parents of payments. This, in turn, serves as a time saver and lessens manual efforts for the administrators.

Automated Invoice Generation

Due to the automation of invoice generation with the help of the childcare accounting software, it is possible for the childcare center owners to handle and manage many invoices at the same time. It makes it easier for them to generate the invoices and enables them to customise each invoice according to the use case.

Credit Note

With its credit note feature, Illumine is the preschool billing app that makes it possible for the schools to accept the booking amounts and extra amounts that can be later used to adjust the invoice. No need to keep a note, you can simply use credit history to always find credit usage details.

Faster Payment Updates

With each payment made by the parent, the payment receipt automatically goes to both the parent and the finance admin of the childcare center. It makes the overall process of payment tracking completely seamless and quicker.

Late Fee & Reminders

With the childcare billing app, the childcare centers can set up a late fee if the payment crosses the due date. The app also sends reminders to the parents about the upcoming due date and later automatically adds the late fee charge once the due date of payment is crossed.

How Can Parents Benefit from Illumine’s Childcare Billing Software?

Easy Payments

Parents can pay without visiting the school. All the payments can be done completely online through the daycare billing app. We have also have an option of setting up subscription and automatic deductions from the account.

View All Bills at a Glance

Parents now can see all of their bills and summaries at a glance on the childcare billing app. The receipts and invoices are readily available on the app and on the email. This one-stop-platform makes it easy for parents to keep track of their payments

Reminders for Due Payments

Parents don’t have to worry about constantly keeping a track on when a payment is due at the childcare center. Illumine’s childcare center billing software keeps a track for the parents and automatically sends payment reminders with bill summary and due date reminders through notification alerts.

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What Makes Us the Best Childcare Billing Software?


Schools have chosen Illumine as their preferred child care billing software


transactions happens every day in our child care billing software.

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The childcare billing software makes billing and payment processes so seamless and easy. Our staff absolutely love it!

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We are always eagerly waiting for the new features and designs on the app as they make our experience amazing every single time.

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Their customer service is a delight. I am always promptly assisted .We are amazed by how quickly they resolve our queries.

Why choose illumine?

The childcare billing software is being used at more than 450 schools. More than 60,000+ daycare invoices have been generated, recorded and shared via the Illumine platform.

A comprehensive childcare accounting software, Illumine makes sure that all your billing and cashflow is managed and streamlined. It frees you from all the paperwork and lets you devote your time in understanding the areas which require attention in a child’s education journey and keep the teachers and parents connected on the same page. Our childcare accounting software is packed with features you have been looking for in various apps – all in one place.

Illumine is the best childcare billing software that cuts down manual administrative work and thus, ensures that your child’s learning experience and development come first before anything else! Try our childcare billing software now!

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