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Illumine is a software for preschools that facilitates schools, teachers, and parents with features that make their work seamless and the child’s education more efficient.

This preschool management software has won the hearts of over 300 schools spanning around USA, UK , Singapore, Australia, South Africa and India.

A child management software that comes packed with a wide range of well-thought-out and unique set of features.

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A Feature-Packed software for preschool administration

How can Teachers benefit from the app?

IIlumine is the best daycare management software that helps teachers with seamless teaching and communication experience.

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Student Attendance

The preschool management app lets teacher records the student attendance digitally. Parents can do a contactless check-in and check-out of the child by scanning the QR code at the school . It also lets you record temperature when the child checks-in and maintain a medical log

Staff Attendance

The staff is allowed to check-in and check-out using the child care software by using their designated pin or by scanning the QR code. The reports of their timecards are then built from the database to generate and release payroll. The administrator can view and download this report from the dashboard.

preschool attendance app
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Daily Activity Reports

The daily plans and activities can be sent to the parents at the touch of a button. The preschool management software also enables the teachers to document the children’s meal intake in real-time. It also records the nap times & nappy changes with a simple click.

Communicate with parents

lllumine helps bridge the childcare management app between parents and teachers. With the help of the app parent get real time updates, meal reports, photos & videos, send messages , newsletters and more. Parents can also check out what their child is doing every day at school at their convenience.

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Remote Learning

Teachers can arrange the curriculum, schedule virtual classes, and use the whiteboard to present & collaborate. They can also record the classes and share them with the students and parents. The preschool administration software also allows parents to share questions using the comment thread. Parents can also share the kids’ work with the teachers and the app lets teacher award stars to it.

Lesson Planning

Create lessons along with video, pdf or image attachments. Share lessons with parents and students. Collaborate with parents through comments and let them update the progress of the kids using our preschool management app.

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Mitigate Parent-Teacher Communication Gap

How can Parents Benefit from the App?

Stay connected to the child’s future with the best childcare management software.

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Daily Diaries and Activities Feed

The parents are sent the daily plans and activities at the touch of a button. Parents can receive photos of their kiddos and real time updates about their activities, whether they are eating, napping or playing. It lets you become a part of your child’s learning process.

Child’s Learning Journey

The app records the child’s progress and informs the parents about the various activities performed at school with personalised feedback. A developmental tool for determining what skills preschool children have already acquired and what they need to learn next. It is a thorough tool that provides a detailed picture of the learning skills of preschoolers and their early literacy development.

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Billing and Payments

From receiving payment reminders to accessing the bill invoices, the entire process of billing takes place through this preschool management app. Parents can pay without visiting the school. All the payments can be done completely online through the child care software. We have also have an option of setting up subscription and automatic deductions from the account

Incident Reports

This child care software records all information related to any student incidents, send the report to parents and get their signature. It helps schools abide to the laws and regulation.

preschool incident reports

CCTV Streaming

If the school allows then parents can access the live stream from the app and watch the activities of their child in the classroom or activity room. Schools can control camera access and allow only checked-in child’s parents to view the camera

Integrated Preschool Management Software Solution

How can the Preschool Management Benefit from Illumine??

A comprehensive preschool management app facilitating the seamless functioning of administrative and operational activities in the preschool.

preschool billing and fee collection

Billing and Fee Collection

Illumine is an advanced billing software that makes it easy to create and bill parents, keep track of payments, send reminders and run reports to monitor the business. As an administrator you can define the billing templates, add students and set the frequency. Then Illumine takes control and generates bill automatically and collects online payments as well.

Centralised Communication

Every mode of communication is available on the app and every necessary communication between the management, the staff and the parents takes place through the app making the entire process of communication highly efficient.

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Schools can load Standard assessment frameworks like EYFS, Montessori or any other country-specific framework. Research suggests that the app has enabled time-saving significantly. On average, 4 hours of time per month is saved per teacher. Not to mention, the additional cost-saving that tags along in a paper-free format of functioning.

Staff Management

A fine-grain control for the users is a true blessing and we understand that. Therefore, the Permission and Role system (a feature unique to the app) allows the users to enable and disable any operation for any member of the staff individually.

preschool staff management
preschool enrollments and waitlist management

Admission and Waitlist

From maintaining the inquiry list to shortlisting candidates and finally, onboarding them, the app takes care of it all, thus eradicating any need for expensive CRM software

Most trusted preschool management software

Customers love your preschool management app

Illumine is used by over 400 schools using the app and loving it. We bring in a user-friendly interface without compromising the quality of the technology incorporated. Trusted by preschool owners, teachers and parents, we are continuously updating our features to adapt to the latest innovations.

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Illumine is a hassle-free and easy to use the software. Our staffs absolutely love it.

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the best preschool administration software?


Schools have chosen Illumine as their preferred preschool management software


of classroom moments recorded, captured and documented every day.

Illumine is for everyone

Why choose illumine?

Our childcare management app is an integrated solution designed for operational efficiency & revolutionary educational growth, ensuring 100% satisfaction to all the key stakeholders.

As the premier school app, the Illumine preschool management solution is used by more than 350 premium schools. It is the best child care software

Our app aims to provide a reliable, transparent and hassle-free experience for all the users. Join the Illumine family today!

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