Live CCTV streaming for preschools and daycares

Give parents a direct insight into what’s happening in their kid’s classroom with our live CCTV streaming feature.

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Promote open-door policy

Illumine’s live CCTV streaming helps you create an open and transparent culture at your preschool while ensuring the parents are not worried about their kids at all times.

Establish trust with parents

By giving parents direct access to classroom feeds, you can gain their confidence and create stronger bonds.

Keep parents stress-free

With Illumine’s CCTV feature, parents can take a look at their children and watch them being engaged in activities whenever allowed.

Reduce the load on your staff

With parents given access to feeds, your teachers won’t have to worry about updating them every now and then.

Manage streaming with ease

Illumine lets you monitor and control camera access efficiently, while also letting you charge parents for the live streaming feature if you wish to.

Manage camera access

You have the option to control which parents have access to the cameras. It enables you to integrate the CCTV cameras into your existing security system and also allows you to access them anytime you want.

Control stream timings

Illumine lets you configure the timings during which the parents can view the live CCTV streaming feed. Hence, allowing you to strike a healthy balance between creating transparency and maintaining control.

Bill parents for access

Illumine gives you an option to provide live stream access to selective parents if you choose to charge for this service. Add value to your center’s offerings and bring in more profit with our live CCTV streaming feature.

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