Lesson planning app for preschools

With Illumine’s lesson planning app, you can create and share lessons, send assignment updates, monitor submissions, and award stars to students. 

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A lesson planning tool that does it all

Curriculum compatibility

Curriculums such as Montessori, Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (EYFS), and other country-specific frameworks are supported.


Enrollments Increased

Save time &

Free up time and resources by digitizing lessons planning, observations, and children’s development assessments

Upto 45 hours

Spent less on lesson planning

Loved globally

Schools widely use our lesson planning platform worldwide with over 25 custom frameworks.


Schools use our lesson planning tool.

Streamline lesson planning at your center

Create and share lesson plans in no time, manage assignments and submissions, and keep parents informed about their kid’s learning.

Share lesson plans

Weekly lesson planning

Manage submissions

Manage curriculum

Share Assessments

Multimedia lessons

Assess growth plans

One to one feedback

Fast. Simple. Effective

 Illumine makes lesson planning for preschools and nurseries a straightforward and quick process. Effectively document the kid’s progress using either a standard assessment framework or a customised one.

Keep parents informed

You can share daily or weekly lesson plans with parents and keep them updated with the topics at the school.

Monitor submissions

With Illumine, you can easily keep track of the students who have submitted the assignments

Simplify teaching

Create lessons, manage lesson categories, add documents, pictures, videos, and add media to your classes.

Plan lessons with ease

Illumine helps you make the whole teaching process a non-complicated one. Easily create lessons, categorize them into different subjects, and attach media to your lessons to make them more impactful.

Create lessons

Make planning and creating lessons a breeze. Illumine lets you assign the lessons to classrooms, add milestones, and select their duration with just a few clicks.


Classify lessons according to the different learning areas they belong to. This lesson planning app lets you create your own set of categories, which you can then use to design your teaching plans.

Add resources

Illumine allows you to add documents, photos, and videos to your lesson plans. Make learning more interactive and fun with our platform.

Lesson management

Manage lessons comfortably from your fingertips. Share lessons with parents and access the overall lessons, assignments, and submission statistics – all from a single place.

Share with parents

You have an option to chart out the weekly lesson plans and share them with parents in one go. This way, you won’t have to keep updating parents with their kids' learning routine every day.

Weekly lesson plans

You have an option to chart out the weekly lesson plans and share them with parents in one go. This way, you won’t have to keep updating parents with their kid’s learning routine every single day.

Learning statistics

The app displays the overview of the number of lessons shared, the number of assignments given out, and the number of submissions due at a particular point

Simplify Managing Growth Plans

Create assignments, monitor submissions, and award stars to students. Illumine’s lesson planning app for preschool is designed to make all teaching-related operations effortless for you.


Teachers can create assignments around the topics being taught at the school and send them out to parents


Once lessons are shared as assignments with parents, a submission is expected to be made. Illumine makes it highly simple for teachers to access, view, and mark the assignments submitted by every student.

Award Stars

For every assignment submitted, teachers get to award stars to the students which can be documented in their assessments as well.

We’ve made our platform as flexible as it gets,
just for you.

Make Illumine your own. Customise plans as per your requirements.

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