An all-in-one childcare software for superstar centers

Illumine is the most loved  kindergarten software and is used by over 500 schools worldwide. It streamlines all your childcare operations, simplifies billing, attendance, parent communication, and assessment processes. 

1000+ reviews! 4.9

Illumine at a glance

Why millions of educators and parents love Illumine?

Efficiently run your center and classroom with contactless check-in, digital billing,  admissions, reports, lesson plans, and more

Increase Admissions

Track your leads, get follow-up reminders, and manage your leads efficiently- your key to turning prospects into admissions.


Enrollments Increased

Save time and money

Save thousand of dollars by digitising your childcare processes and by replacing all other softwares with a single platform.  


Savings on resources per month

Increase staff productivity

Enable your staff to be precise, efficient, and quick by making them spend less time on spreadsheets, emails while getting the job done faster than ever

Up to 45 hours

Spent less on manual tasks

Your complete preschool & childcare software

Manage all your childcare operations from one place! 


Simply administrative tasks and grow your business

Automated billing

Contactless attendance

Online payments & Registrations

Waitlist management

Online admission forms

Leads management

Parent Communication

Delight your parents by sharing engaging updates and child activities.

Digital updates

Daily reports

Unlimited photos and videos

Holidays and events

Leaves application

Assignments and submissions


Staff management

Save your teacher’s time on record keeping and paperwork.

Digital daily sheets

Assessments reports

Holidays and event planner

Lesson planner

Assignment & submissions

Activity planner

Simplify your center management

Manage payments,  student-teacher ratios, enrolments, manage, send daily reports and enable seamless parent-teacher communication – all from one place.

Billing & Payments

Automate billing, send invoices, track all payments, & send timely fee reminders.

Parent Communication

Keep parents in the loop with their kid’s activities with real-time updates. Parents love Illumine!

Contactless attendance

Record student and staff attendance by using the QR code scanner. Only authorised guardians are allowed to pick the children. The app also allows you to record temperature during check-in and check-out.

Enhance parent experience

Keep parents up-to-date with their child’s development in the most interactive way. Encourage parent-teacher collaboration and make life easier for your teachers.

parent teacher Communication

Photos & videos

Share every precious moment of the little ones through pictures and videos.

Daily reports

Share daily schedule, send activity, assessments, and meal reports to parents.

Child portfolios

Help parents keep track of their child’s overall progress and development.

Empower teachers and drive learning

Plan and share lessons, hold virtual classes, meet all the licensing standards and improve your quality ratings with the software for kindergarten students

Lesson plans & assignments

Create and share lesson plans, send assignments, and monitor submissions using this kindergarten software

Child assessments

Keep track of a child’s milestones and developmental progress.

Virtual classroom

Schedule online classes with a click of a button without any additional software.

Why should you choose Illumine?

We take the time to understand your unique business requirement and use cases and deliver exactly what your business needs


We take care of onboarding and setting up all your data. We work closely with you to ensure your entire experience with the platform is smooth and seamless.

Multi-Center support

We aspire to grow your business and increase the number of centers under your umbrella. We provide automation, reports, alerts, and much more to help kickstart your growth journey.

Language Translation

We support a positive multilingual experience for users, helping boost parents’ trust in your brand which inherently increases enrollments and revenues at your center.


We conduct multiple training sessions for all your staff. We make sure they understand the system and its functioning thoroughly.

Payment processing

We are the only childcare software provider that does not charge any commission & setup charges for payment gateways. We also support the most number of countries.


We take data privacy seriously. We are a GDPR compliant company which means no one gets to access your data except you.

Most trusted school management system software for preschools and daycare

Our child care center software is used by over 500 schools across the world. The childcare app is available for IOS, Android, MAC, Windows, and Linux in multiple languages

We’ve made our platform as flexible as it gets,
just for you.

Make Illumine your own. Customise plans as per your requirements.