See the day through your child's eyes

Get real-time pictures and videos, communicate with teachers, and understand your child’s day-to-day progress like never before.

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Stay on top of your child’s educational needs

Communicate and collaborate with teachers. Build stronger relationships with your kids

Message Teachers

Track assessment & progress

Photos and videos

Get daily schedules

Real-time activity updates

Lessons plans

Daily Reports

Conduct online classes

Build stronger relationships with your kids

Keep parents happy

Get real-time updates, pictures and videos, and stay in the loop with your kid’s activities. Parents love Illumine!



Parents recommend Illumine

Stay connected

Send instant messages to teachers, medical and food requests to the teachers. 


Parents feel their stronger relationships with their kids grew stringer

Insightful updates

Get media-rich updates . Never miss any precious moment from your child’s life.


Photos and videos shares

Be a part of every special moment

Get updated about your child’s activities at the school with Illumine’s photo and video sharing feature, and watch them learn and engage with their peers

Photos and videos

Get real-time images and videos . You never have to miss a priceless moment of your child

Activity updates

Get notified regarding the kid’s food, nap, and diaper change times.

In-app messaging

Connect in real-time with teachers through in-app messaging. Send instant messages, medical and food notes with the teachers.

Get involved in your child’s learning journey

Keep parents informed about their child’s everyday progress and enable them to support their child in the best way possible with Illumine.

Daily reports

Get a detailed report of your child’s daily activities, meals, sleep time, bathroom visits and mood with a detailed report.

Digital assessment reports

Get detailed development reports and understand your child's development and progress.

Daily schedule

Discover what the teachers have planned in advance for your child. Get an overview of events, holidays, closing days, meal plans and activities

Bringing Parents and Teachers Closer Together

Real-time updates

Get timely updates  about your kid’s meals, potty, and nap times.

Effective collaboration

Communicate meticulously with teachers to provide the right assistance to your child’s learning journey.

Enhance learning

Impart a meaningful learning experience for your kids with our platform. 


We’ve made our platform as flexible as it gets,
just for you.

Make Illumine your own. Customise plans as per your requirements.

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