Virtual Classroom software for the new era

Hold online classes, connect with parents, share lessons and assignments, and make life easy for your teachers with Illumine’s virtual classroom app.

Take virtual classes up a notch at your center

Share lessons, documents, quizzes, and assignments at a click of a button, collaborate with parents efficiently, and make learning enjoyable for your students.

Share lesson plans

In-app messaging

Send reading material

Interactive whiteboard

Collaborate with parents

Live-screen sharing

Zoom Certified Partner

Set-up recurring meetings

Make remote learning fun

Make use of features like advanced whiteboards, live screen sharing, and share documents, videos, and quizzes to boost the student’s experience.

Make remote learning fun

Make use of features like advanced whiteboards, live screen sharing, and share documents, videos, and quizzes to give a boost to the student’s experience.

Zoom certified Partner

Illumine is partnered with Zoom and hence demands no other software installation. You can both host and attend meetings directly from Illumine

Learning through collaboration

Engage with parents through in-app messaging and comments, and provide the best support possible to students.

Make learning an engaging experience

Share lesson plans, quizzes, and assignments, schedule and host interactive online classes, and track student’s growth. Illumine empowers you to make teaching more meaningful than ever.

Videos, quizzes, and lessons

Illumine’s virtual classroom allows teachers to quickly create quizzes, videos, lesson plans and share them with parents instantly using the app.

Interactive Virtual Classes

With features such as whiteboards, live screen sharing, and additionally supporting all document formats,

Track Progress

Track students’ learning curves, create insightful progress reports, and design personalized solutions for their improvement.

Easy scheduling

Illumine lets you schedule and host classes without any hassle. Set up meetings and manage them with ease with this virtual classroom software.

Recurring meetings

All you need to do is set your class schedule once and take care of the rest - from sending reminders to setting up meetings.

No other software is needed

Illumine is a certified Zoom partner with internal integrations. Hence, you don’t need to install any external software to host virtual classes.

Class Reports

With Illumine, it is now possible for you to figure out which parent has seen the meeting invitation and has attended the meeting.

Collaborate efficiently

Coordinate and interact with parents and students, resolve doubts quickly, and give effective feedback. Take communication up a notch and help children make the most of their learning experience.

Announcements & messaging

Send announcements to everyone at once, or engage with a parent individually through the in-app messaging.

Resolve doubts

Clear your student’s doubts in real-time or in one-on-one discussions with Illumine’s virtual classroom software.

Personalised feedback

Teachers can provide personalized feedback to each student regularly and share lessons with photos, videos, audio notes, and more.

We’ve made our platform as flexible as it gets,
just for you.

Make Illumine your own. Customise plans as per your requirements.

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