Make evaluations effortless with our preschool assessment tool

By using Illumine’s assessment tool,  teachers can effectively communicate with a child’s family, using the evidence and observation they have recorded over time.

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An assessment tool that does it all for you

Curriculum compatibility

Curriculums such as Montessori, Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (EYFS), and other custom frameworks are supported.


Curriculums Supported

Easy to learn

Quick and easy to use, and no training is required. You can customise  and personalised all learning areas and milestones. 


Preschools use it globally

Save Time

Illumine collects and analyses rich, detailed data throughout the school year and saves time by organizing the data for you.

Upto 45 hours

Spent less on manual tasks

Efficient assessments and documentation is now at your fingertips

Assess a child’s learning, growth, and development using more innovative way of documentation

Record milestones

Progress history

Assessment reports

Curriculums compatibility

Lesson planner

Customized assessments

Manage curriculum

All Major Currencies

Fast. Simple. Effective

Illumine makes recording assessments for preschools a straightforward and quick process. It provides visible evidence that teachers can use to track a child’s learning, growth, and development over time.

Document everything in one place

Record milestones, track progress and generate assessment reports.

Improve efficiency

Teachers can use the information to plan and adjust the curriculum to help children achieve their learning goals.

Assist your teachers

Illumine helps gather objective evidence and detailed data to understand the child’s development better.

Efficient progress tracking

Optimise the assessment process by gathering insightful data on a student’s progress, and use the information to create accurate reports. 

Child portfolios

Portfolios help you track each child’s progress throughout the school year more efficiently.

Document milestones

Highlight the developmental strengths a child has mastered, as well as those skills that need further support.

Access progress history

Illumine makes it easy for teachers to view a student’s historical development.

The perfect companion for the teachers

Illumine lets your teachers achieve more in less time. They can do it all with the app, from planning lessons, establishing a syllabus, and creating interactive assessments.

Plan lessons

Teachers can easily create lesson plans for a day or the whole week, and share them with parents at a touch of a button.

Manage curriculum

Illumine helps preschools design a flexible curriculum to make learning more open-minded for the kids. It enables teachers to plan, create, and implement curriculum frameworks.

Comprehensive assessment

Create assessment reports that are rich in information by integrating them with notes and images.

Build and strengthen your assessment process

 Illumine makes recording assessments for preschools a straightforward and quick process. Effectively document the kid’s progress using either a standard assessment framework or a customized one.

Curriculum compatibility

Our pre-school assessment tool is compatible with various curriculum structures such as Montessori, Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (EYFS), and other country-specific frameworks.

Customised assessments

Illumine gives you the freedom to create your assessment frameworks and personalise the evaluation process. Teachers can choose to conduct entirely digital assessments or that are a combination of digital and traditional assessment methods.

Save time, paper, and resources

Empower your teachers by enabling them to save over 40 hours spent on manual paperwork per season to record assessments. Go digital and get smart with your child’s assessments with Illumine.

Assessments simplified

Give teacher, child, and family an equal opportunity to reflect on the child’s thinking and learning.

Easy to use

Quick and easy to use.No special training is required. Ideal for tracking a child’s progress over time

Easy to document

Gather information on any child’s developmental progress easily. Create and share reports with minmal effort.

Easy to track

Look back and review all the evidence you have collected and to monitor the child’s progress over time.

Customers love our preschool assessment software

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We’ve made our platform as flexible as it gets,
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Make Illumine your own. Customise plans as per your requirements.

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