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Manage billing,  attendance, share detailed reports and establish strong parent-teacher communication.

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Stay On Top Of All Your Daycare Operations

Communicate and collaborate with parents, generate and share insightful reports, and provide a meaningful learning experience to children.

The daycare computer software is available on Mac, Android and IOS


Save money on paper and resources by going digital and increasing efficiency at your center.


Saved per month

Productivity booster

Help your staff get more done in less time by providing them with tools to assist them in their day-to-day tasks

3 hours

Saved per day on manual tasks

Insightful updates

Send media-rich updates to parents with Illumine. Never let them miss any precious moment.



Numbers of pictures and videos shared

Fast. Simple. Effective

 Illumine makes recording assessments for preschools a straightforward and quick process. Effectively document the kid’s progress using either a standard assessment framework or a customised one.

Simplify Parent Communication

With features such as real-time messaging, photo and video sharing, and activity reports, Illumine makes communicating with parents a smooth process for you.

Detailed development reports

Create and send insightful reports of a kid’s progress and enable parents to get more involved in their child’s learning journey.

Keep parents up to date

Illumine lets you update parents with newsletters, announcements, and intelligent calendar features.

Parent communication

Illumine’s daycare management solution helps you create a transparent and effective communication channel. Parents will be notified of their child’s daily activities, receive daily activity reports, and better understand their child’s developmental journey.

Photos and videos

Teachers can send real-time images and videos with parents using the daycare management software. Parents never have to miss a priceless moment of their child.

Activity updates

Send notifications to parents regarding the kid’s food, nap, and diaper change times. With just a few clicks, keep parents informed about their kid’s time to time activities.

In-app messaging

Communicate effectively, bridge the gap between parents and teachers, and help them create strong relationships.

Get parents involved
in the child’s learning journey

Keep parents informed about their child’s everyday progress and enable them to support their child in the best way possible with the daycare app.

Daily reports

Send daily activity reports to parents and update them with their child’s activities at the school. Illumine helps you bring parents on board with their learning.

Digital assessment reports

Send parents detailed development reports to help them better understand their child's development.

Daily schedule

Create and share daily routines with parents easily. Help parents stay on track with the daily routines of your preschool with this daycare daily report app.

Enriching learning experience

With the daycare software, you can easily observe, record, and analyze students’ developmental progress, schedule online classes, and organize and share lessons.


Illumine supports standard assessment frameworks such as EYFS, Montessori, or any other country-specific framework. Save up to 4 hours of staff time per month on average with our platform, giving them more time to focus on the kids.

Virtual classroom

Teachers can plan the curriculum, conduct virtual classes, and demonstrate using the whiteboard. They can also record sessions and share them with parents.

Lesson planning

Add video, document, or image files to your lessons. You can also share the lesson plan with parents at a click of a button. Keep parents updated with what their kids are learning with our daycare app.

Improve your daycare’s quality

Real-time updates

Send timely updates to parents about their kid’s meals, potty, and nap times.

Effective collaboration

Communicate meticulously with parents to provide the proper assistance in their kid’s learning journey.

Enhance learning

Impart a meaningful learning experience for the kids with our platform. 


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