Daily Activities & updates in Illumine

Daily Activities & updates in Illumine

Preschools give hands-on experience to children with the help of doing various activities with them. Their development is assessed on the activities planned on a daily basis.

Parents on the other hand are keen on knowing what the child is learning and their day at school. You can now log the activities of your students and give daily updates through Illumine.

How to log activity?

Step 1:Click on Activity page form the bottom tabs.

Step 2: You can see a page full of activities tabs. Activities like Announcements, food, language, art, etc.

Step 3: You can click on Enable/Disable Activities and select from the activities from the given options if you want to select from other activities

Step 4: Now you are ready to use the Activity page.

List are the activities that can be used to give updates to the parents

Virtual Class: You can take live online classes through this tab, and can send an online class invite to students and parents.

Announcement: You can share all kinds of announcements, important information, etc with parents through this tab. The same information can be sent through Email as well. You can add photos also by clicking on add photos.

Photo: You can upload all photos of students here and can share it with parents.

Video: You can similarly upload videos of students here and can share that as well with parents.

Diary: Now its time to eliminate the manual entry and information in dairies, Digital Diary option will help you to send all notes and information regarding their children with parents. you can now go completely paper-free.

Food: You can give food updates to parents, and can choose the meal type, food quantity, menu, and additional notes as well.

Nap: You can give nap updates to parents through this tab, you can record the start and end time of the nap of each child.

Potty: Through this tab, you can give diaper change, potty updates to parents. You can mention bathroom type and reason to change the diaper etc.

Medical Log: Medical log will help to share the daily medical record of the child, like temperature, cough & cold and can be used for keeping BMI records. You can set up this form and customize from Settings pages.

Learning-related update: Through Language, Math, Stories, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Circle Time, Block Hour tabs you can give learning updates with parents. You can also attach as many as photos and videos along with it.

Incident: If your student had met with some incident in school you can send the updates to the parents regarding the incident of the child.

File upload: Any additional files that need to be shared with parents can be shared with File Upload tab, You can add pdf, doc, ppt excel by clicking on upload file.

Observation: If you have noticed something about the child and want to share the same with parents you can use the observation tab and can add pictures as well.

How to send updates to parents?

Step 1: Select the activity

Step 2: Select the class from drop down options

Step 3: Select the student or select all children

Step 4: Fill in the details of the activity, saved messages and additional notes.

You can add Attachment by clicking on Attachment card, You can upload photos, upload videos, enter youtube links or upload files as well.

Step 5: If you want the parent to comment on the post shared by the school click on Enable Comment.

If you want the post to stay in teachers / school record you can click on Staff Only option

Step 6: Dont forget to click on Post tab

Edit or Delete Post:

Deleting the post shared by mistake is easy, know it how below

Step 1: Click on home page and then Click on Total post under Today’s posts card

Step 2: You will come to Activities Posted page and you will see al the activities posted today. Now you can click on the edit option which will be placed above time.

Step 4: An update card will open and you can edit or delete the post.

Want to have a detailed/customise your Medical Log form?

Step 1: Click on the menu button on the top right of your screen and click on Settings

Step 2: Click on Medical log form card. once you click on that Medical Custom Fields page will open.

Step 3: Click on Add Value on the top left of the screen, Add field page will open where you can add field name, type (the string will display the keyboard, Number will display number keyboard and date will date keyboard). You can select a Mandatory box for the information which needs to be mandatorily filled. Dont forget to click on Save.

This way you can now customise the Medical form and give updates to parents.

Approvals on the post

Worried about the communication shared with parents by the teacher?

It easy to check now the posts that are going to be shared with parents before sending them out with our Approval system. Lets see how?

While adding teachers you can give them several permission, Auto approval permission if given true, the teacher can send directly the post of the students and no approval is required.

If the teacher is given Auto approval as false the post will first be sent to the Admin/ Senior teacher, the teacher will check and once approve the post will be shared with parents.

All the unapproved post will be viewed at the Admin home page under Today’s Post and the number will be reflected in Posts unapproved. It will also be viewed in settings and in unapproved posts card.

Now adding activities and sending daily updates become easier through Illumine.

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