Stacking rings


Learning Objective

  • Recognises some common words in instructions
  • Follows one-step directions with adult assistance and supervision
  • Comprehends gestures and reacts aptly to words and signs
  • Listens intently to verbal communication
  • Observes nonverbal communication such as gestures, non-verbal cues, and body language

Age Group

6 months and above

Materials required

  1. Mat that is long enough for the child to comfortably sit upon
  2. Stacking rings
  3. Dowel

Activity guide

  1. Get the mat out.
  2. Place the dowel on the mat with the kid seated opposite you. Stack the rings slowly and purposefully.
  3. Remove the first ring with care and examine it. For instance, you can look through the ring or you can also put your hand through it.
  4. Make exaggerated movements to show the child that there is a hole in the ring.
  5. Then, place the ring on the mat.
  6. Steps 3 and 4 should be repeated for each ring.
  7. Once all of the rings are laid out on the mat, use them to explain the concept of large and small to the children.
  8. You can do this by reassembling the rings on the dowel, with the largest ring first. You can show them that the smallest ring goes at the top of the dowel.
  9. Take your time and be deliberate in your motions.
  10. For activity closure, you can ask your students to raise the largest or the smallest ring. You may also ask them to place the smallest ring first on the dowel.
  11. You can then explain that due to its size, we are unable to put it on the dowel first.
  12. Reiterate the concept of large and small for recapitulation.

Relevance of the activity

This may appear to be a fairly basic play activity. However, when your kid piles his toys, he is also learning vital skills like problem solving, strengthening the creative side of the brain, and honing motor abilities.

As a result, now is the greatest time to give your infant stacking toys to play with


Cognitive Skill



Did the student complete the activity?


Did the student pay undivided attention to stacking rings?


Did the student stack the rings correctly?


Did the student struggle to stack the rings  as per their sizes?


Did the student understand the concept of large and small?


Did the student comprehend instructions?


Did the student follow the instructions?


Did the student learn by observation?


Did the student participate in activity closure and/or recall?


Did the student apply the activity to any real-life situation?


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