How Amazing Kindergarten Improved Brand Perception & Boosted Administrative Efficiency by 70%


2 Centers in Sarawak, Malaysia

KSPK & Montessori


  • 50% higher parent engagement
  • 70% spike in administration productivity
  • Significant boost in brand perception

The Amazing Kindergarten Story

Amazing Kindergarten aims to revolutionize early childhood education in Malaysia with an innovative curriculum, lesson plans, and technology. During the COVID-19 outbreak and government-mandated movement control order (MCO), they sought a digital solution to continue operations and track student development. They partnered with Illumine, not just for a temporary virtual learning solution, but to evolve as an organization.



Challenge #1

Managing attendance and leaves

Challenge #2

Enabling and Engaging parents

Challenge #3

Tracking learning outcomes and development

During the MCO and after reopening, Amazing Kindergarten’s two centers focused on ensuring learning continuity for children through virtual learning and optimizing school operations for health and safety. They also needed to find a better way to collaborate with busy and concerned parents and to track and showcase the learning and development journey of children.


Solution #1

Contactless Attendance and Leave Management

Solution #2

Activity dashboard and daily logs

Solution #3

Lesson Plan, Assessment, and Progress Report

Amazing Kindergarten has successfully implemented three solutions provided by Illumine to optimize its operations and enhance the learning experience. Firstly, they have integrated contactless attendance and leave management into their operations using custom forms and real-time attendance forecasting. This has made their check-in process safe, efficient, and compliant. 

Secondly, they have implemented an activity dashboard and daily logs to keep school directors and administrators informed on student activities, ongoing lessons, attendance, and more. Parents can easily track their child’s progress and interact with teachers instantly.

Thirdly, Illumine’s learning module has equipped teachers with all the tools necessary to plan lessons, design learning activities, and track submissions online. Teachers can share these weekly plans and student assessment reports with parents to foster a collaborative approach to their child’s education.

What is the driving principle behind Amazing Kindergarten’s success? “The greatest is LOVE.”
Wong Yii Siong
“Illumine gives the feeling of a social media app for parents, like Facebook, where they can scroll down and check their children’s day-to-day activities. The tech team at Illumine is quite responsive and they can customize a lot of things to suit the school’s need – so, why not Illumine?”
Wong Shau Huey


Result #1

50% higher parent engagement

Result #2

70% spike in administration productivity

Result #3

Significant boost in brand perception

Amazing Kindergarten boosted parent satisfaction by 50% by keeping them updated and involved on a daily basis. Administrators saw a huge time-saving value in Illumine, leading to a 70% increase in satisfaction. Teachers are inspired and empowered with the new tool, leading to a rise in overall fulfillment and a progressive image for the childcare center. 

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