Best Daycare Attendance App with Contactless Check-in

Illumine daycare attendance app enables you to go effortlessly paperless with automated entry and exit time records – making attendance marking seamless and easy.

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Feature-Packed Child Care Attendance App

lllumine is a childcare attendance app that lets you record drop-off, pick-up with a tap of a button. A convenient and foolproof solution for the daycare centers, this daily attendance app lets you record the attendance for both staff and children.

Real time class ratio and attendance reports

All attendance sign-out and sign-in are automatically recorded and updated in real-time by the attendance tracking app. The live teacher-student ratios and attendance count are readily available on the administrative dashboard of the online attendance app.


Manage and Streamline Authorised Pickup and Drop-of

In order to ensure the safety of each child, Illumine’s attendance app enables parents with an option to authorise and designate the guardian’s identification who is going to pick up or drop off the child. This ensures peace of mind for the parents and the school staff and reduces risks.

Seamless attendance billing

Illumine’s daycare attendance app enables you to pull out data from the attendance report of your center at any point of the month. You can use the report to pay the salary of your staff, bill the parents, collect subsidies from the Government and more.

Get late check-in and check-out details

Our preschool attendance app automatically records the check-in and check-out time of both children and staff. This enables you as the manager to see who has been late, what the frequency and inquire on what might be the reasons to provide support if needed. This will ensure efficiency in terms of both the staff as well as the financial health. . You can raise bills using our childcare billing software and save your time and effort .

Configure Check-in, Check-out Forms

Schools have the option to customise and configure medical forms for the parents to record temperature, for medical declaration or requests and to register any food allergies or food-specific requests. This hands-on information about each child makes on the attendance app makes it easier for the teachers to keep track of the requirements of each child..

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How our daycare attendance app Benefits Childcare Center Owners & School Administration

Illumine’s daycare app is a comprehensive platform for daycare managers to record and track the attendance of both staff and children. Let us now see how this app has significantly helped the various parties involved in a daycare or childcare center.


Illumine enables attendance marking and tracking for teachers as seamless and automated as possible. We make attendance as simple as possible. Our attendance app for teachers gives them the freedom to check in children one-by-one or multiple children at once, sign children in or out quickly and with ease. The teacher can also key in the kiosk code to check in and checkout any child with a tap of a button. The authorised pickup information lets teacher ensure the safety of the child


Our staff attendance app enables childcare center directors or managers to get real-time updates on the teacher-student ratio based on the attendance of the staff. This enables the director to also keep a track of understaffing or overstaffing their facility center and ensure efficiency in operations. This attendance app also helps you forecast the availability of slots in each of your programs with the help of the capacity planner and keep an eye on the state regulations and laws.


Illumine’s childcare attendance app has some robust features for the parents. You can check-in and check-out your child with the tap of a button without any hassle. In fact, to ensure the utmost safety, we provide the option for you to register the pick-up guardian’s identification beforehand so that we know that your child is going to the right hands. Parents can also register their child’s specific and special requirements like allergies, medical requests, or food requests on the app.

Illumine Attendance Tracking App Features

What makes us

the best daycare attendance app?


Schools have chosen Illumine as their preferred child care attendance app


parents checkin their child using our contactless online attendance app.

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Illumine is a hassle-free and convenient to use preschool attendance app. Our staff absolutely love it!

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Illumine’s latest design changes have made things much easier for us and our experience so much better!

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Their customer service is a delight. I am always promptly assisted .My queries are quickly resolved.

Why choose illumine?

Illumine’s child care attendance app is used at more than 450 schools. More than 10m+ contactless attendance has been taken, recorded and shared via the daycare attendance app.

A comprehensive attendance tracking app, Illumine helps track the child and staff attendance and record the data that can be used later. A favorite among the teachers, managers and parents, Illumine childcare attendance app streamlines and records attendance data in order to determine the understaffing and overstaffing at the childcare center.

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