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Simplify Parent Communication

With features such as real-time messaging, photo and video sharing, and activity reports, Illumine makes communicating with parents a smooth process for you.

Detailed development reports

Create and send insightful reports of a kid’s progress and enable parents to get more involved in their child’s learning journey.

Keep parents up to date

Illumine lets you update parents with newsletters, announcements, and intelligent calendar features.

Photos and videos

Teachers can send real-time images and videos with parents using the kindergarten management software. Parents never have to miss a priceless moment of their child.

Activity updates

Send notifications to parents regarding the kid’s food, nap, and diaper change times. With just a few clicks, keep parents informed about their kid’s time to time activities.

In-app messaging

Communicate effectively, bridge the gap between parents and teachers, and help them create strong relationships.

Daily reports

Send daily activity reports to parents and update them with their child’s activities at the school. Illumine helps you bring parents on board with their learning.

Digital assessment reports

Send parents detailed development reports to help them better understand their child's development.

Daily schedule

Create and share daily routines with parents easily. Help parents stay on track with the daily routines of your kindergartens daily report.


Illumine supports standard assessment frameworks such as EYFS, Montessori, or any other country-specific framework. Save up to 4 hours of staff time per month on average with our platform, giving them more time to focus on the kids.

Virtual classroom

Teachers can plan the curriculum, conduct virtual classes, and demonstrate using the whiteboard. They can also record sessions and share them with parents.

Lesson planning

Add video, document, or image files to your lessons. You can also share the lesson plan with parents at a click of a button. Keep parents updated with what their kids are learning with our kindergarten app.

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Our kindergarten center software is used by over 900 schools across the world. The kindergarten app is available for iOS, Android, MAC, Windows, and Linux in over 11 international languages.

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