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With Illumine, recording the development of kids does not get complicated. Enable your teachers to spend more time and energy on the kids, and less on paperwork with this early childhood assessment tool

Preschool Assessment Tools
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Create and manage assessments in one place

Record milestones, track progress, and generate assessment reports.

Efficient assessment planning and growth tracking

Illumine lets your teachers achieve more in less time. From planning lessons, establishing a syllabus, and creating interactive assessments – they can do it all with the app.

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Fast. Simple. Effective

Illumine makes recording assessments for preschools a straightforward and quick process. Effectively document the kid’s progress using either a standard assessment framework or a customized one

Simple Steps to set up your assessmenet

Seamless and effortless. The best child assessment tool

Illumine is an innovative app that allows users to store and grade multiple assessments on their iPad, Android Tab or iPhone. This easy-to-use digital assessment tool can be used in a variety of settings to replace traditional paper/pencil assessments that are often time-consuming for teachers to create, collect and then manually score. Utilising an all-in-one resource can save teachers countless hours of time and provide valuable data


Early childhood assessment is a tool used for documenting crucial information about a child’s development and growth and giving an insight into it to their teachers, families, and caregivers. 


Illumine’s assessment app for preschools makes assessing a child’s progress simple and easy for the teachers. You can document children’s growth against various milestones, assess their growth, and provide them support wherever needed.

There are majorly seven types of assessments for preschool children.


  1. Diagnostic assessment: It’s important to know what kind of kids you’ll be teaching before you formulate the assessment framework. You should learn about your student’s strengths, shortcomings, and abilities, and knowledge and create instructions based on them.
  2. Formative assessment:  The purpose is to keep track of student progress and provide input. It assists you in discovering the weaknesses in your training. You’ll know what to focus on for the future expansion of your instruction based on this feedback.


  1. Summative assessment: 


  1. Confirmative assessments
  2. Norm-referenced assessment
  3. Criterion-referenced assessment
  4. Ispative assessment

For a step by step guide to document assessments you can refer to this video 

All milestone values can be customised and edited by the school administrator

You can download the assessments as PDF and share with parents

Our pre-school assessment tool is compatible with various curriculum structures such as MontessoriEarly Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (EYFS), and other country-specific frameworks.

What makes us the best preschool assessment app ?


Schools have chosen Illumine as their preferred assessment tools for preschool teachers


of classroom moments recorded, captured and documented every day.

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Why choose illumine preschool assessment app?

As the premier school app, the Illumine preschool child assessment solution is used by more than 350 premium schools. More than 60,000+ classroom moments and assessments have been documented in the Illumine app till now.

A comprehensive childcare management platform, Illumine makes sure that every bit of the child’s learning experience is recorded and streamlined in an accessible virtual management center. This helps in understanding the areas which require attention in a child’s education journey. Our software is packed with features you have been looking for in various apps – all in one place.

Try our preschool assessment solution and see how you regain your time to invest more in the students’ education.

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