Manage your inquiries through Lead CRM in Illumine

Manage your inquiries through Lead CRM in Illumine

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Schools/ Preschools have admission inquiries all year long, to manage them in an excel sheet becomes difficult, and updating them, and sharing with Management becomes difficult. Many schools have now started getting CRM Tool (Customer Relationship Management) and end up. paying a bomb.

Illumine brings the feature of Lead CRM in the application itself so that you don’t have to leave the application and go feed in the information or manage admissions separately. The feature is supported in the web portal and its easy to use.

Step 1: Sign in your account with web portal https://admin.illumine.app/

Step 2: Select Lead CRM from the menu option

Step 3: You will get two options, Leads and Program. Select Leads.

Step 4: Click on New Lead and fill up the information, you can take up this information in a sheet of paper first and then add here.

Step 5: Once the information is filled, save the lead and it will now direct you to the Leads page and you can see your lead created.

Step 6: You can now click on the lead and add the activity of the lead by clicking on the Add Activity card.

Step 7: You can add now the activity type whether you made a phone call, or sent an email, etc. You will have a list of options in the activity type. You can describe the activity done with that particular lead and choose the date and time when the activity was done. Also not to miss out on any follow-ups you cab select the follow-up date and you will get a reminder on that date to follow up with the lead/inquiry

Step 8: You can now add as many activities as you want till the lead is closed.

Step 9: On the lead page, you can change the status of the lead as well, whether interested, waitlisted, closed, etc. You can edit the lead as well by clicking on the grey pen.

Step 10: You can also filter out the leads based on their status, month, source(online, referral etc).

Step 11: Filteration can be done based on the color cards where you can filter the leads created today, total leads, Follow up dues, and over dues. When you click on the card filter will take place automatically

Step 12: Also we have the option to create your own status for customizations purposes, click on Create Status Card and you can add your own status for the leads/inquires

Program #

We have the option of Programs so that you can create one of your own for eg: Daycare, Football, and after school programs. You can add them here and enrol the students in it for capacity planning and automated Extra hours billing.

Leads can be added in programs to plan the capacity and waitlist.

Step 1: When you select program from Lead CRM option, It will take you to program page

Step 2: Click on Add New Program. Add the required details and you can assign classroom as well.

Step 3: Once the program is created and you can assign students for the particular program. You can choose the students and mention the date range as well.

Step 4: You can also edit the program and delete as well.

This feature will help you to do separate billing for after school programs opted by students and will automatically add up in the invoice and fee billing.

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