Create & Share lessons with Parents

Create & Share lessons with Parents

With this feature sharing lesson plan with teachers and parents become easier now, lets see how?

Step 1 – Login on Illumine app and you will find an option of Lessons at the bottom tabs.Click on that to get started.

Step 2 – In Lessons tab you can see 4 cards,

  • Lessons
  • Assignment
  • Weekly Lesson Plan
  • Submissions

Step 3 – Click on Lesson under Leaning section and it will direct you to a page where you can see lessons which are already created. You can find a button on the top ‘Add New Lesson’. Click on that to add new Lesson.

Step 4 – You can now fill in the details about lesson like Title,Description, Category, Learning Milestones . Also you can upload pictures , videos , reference links etc. Select the classrooms for which you have added this lesson to find it quickly later. Click Save to add the lesson.

Step 5 – Now you can do create a Lesson Plan for a day/week for any class. Go to Weekly Lesson Plan and click on Add Lessons to create a lesson plan for the day. After clicking on Add lesson you will be able to see all the lessons already created. You can select the classroom for which you want the lesson to be assigned. You can also search for any lesson you want to assign in the plan. Select all the lessons you want to add in plan and click save.

Step 6 – Now you can share the lesson plan by clicking on Share All and select students whom you want to share it with. You can use the class picker to change to class and select student from a specific class.

You can share lesson in two formats with the parents.

  • Learning Experience: In Learning Experience, the parent will get an option to mark it done but there is no due date and submission option available. You can share the Rhymes and Stories through this as you are not expecting submission from the students.
  • Assignment: Assignment comes with the option of the due date and submission. Parents can view the assignment and share the photo or video of the work done by children.

You can choose any option and select the values for submission date. If don’t want parent to be able to download attachment ,select Allow Download option to No.

Step 7 – Teacher can now see all the assignments and learning experience in Assignments.You can also go to Submissions tab to view any submission done by children. You can send you feedback on Submission by clicking on comment and adding a comment.

Step 9 – Parents will get notified, to view the same parents can click on query button and under that Lesson section.

Step 10 – Parents will now be able to see the lesson plan for the given date, they can view what lessons need to be done and once they are finished can be marked done, They can also add comments by pressing the discussion button. Teachers will be notified as soon as the parent marks it done or make a submission.

Now learning becomes easier and collaborative.

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