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Open a world of possibility with the Illumine digital daycare report app. Illumine majorly bridges the gaps usually developed in parent-teacher communication with the help of its digital daycare report solution.

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preschool daily reports for parents



Our preschool daily reports software helps add transparency between parents and teachers. With the help of the app, parents can check out what their child is doing every day at school at their convenience.

Implement smart communication that empowers teachers to send you documents, photos, and CCTV footage of your kid’s activities. Additionally, the child care daily report allows discussions on medication, daycare meal reports, and more.

Quick video sharing

The daycare report app allows for snippet videos where teachers and parents can share learning moments. This helps the teachers to easily communicate with the parents about various aspects of the child’s development.

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daycare daily report app

Digital assessment reports

Our preschool daily reports app helps teachers to send frequent digital assessment reports of students to their parents. It also assists teachers to design and implement assessment programs in a more streamlined manner. This platform also allows the generation of progress reports, which educators and parents can use to track students’ progress and offer support where necessary.

Regular reports

Parents and teachers can exchange daily activity updates through daily daycare reports, so parents don’t feel left behind in their child’s upbringing. What’s more, there is an option to get updates every 15 minutes.

preschool daily reports for parents
daycare report

Growth tracking

The childcare digital daily report lets you track the child’s developmental milestones through benchmarks recommended by education and learning industry experts.

A Smarter World of Daycare Reporting

How the Illumine Digital Daycare Report is Helping Out Parents

Keeping track of your child’s academic and developmental activities need not be hectic. Adopt the Illumine preschool daily reports app for easy and convenient information that help:

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Track progress

The Illumine daycare inspection reports app keeps track of your kid’s progression through daily updates and regular assessment reports of your child’s development. The daily tracker comes equipped with a personalized activity set as recommended by developmental experts recognized worldwide.

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Centralised dashboard

The common dashboard is perfect for creating a parent-teacher community and sharing messages and appointments about important matters within a matter of a few clicks. The app conveniently allows sending alerts through email, or app notifications.


Video support

Follow proceedings in school through live streaming via controlled camera timings. Get personalized videos and photos of the child as they go about their daily school activities.

How the Illumine Digital Daycare Report is Helping Lessen the Burden on Teachers

Illumine child care daily report app is beneficial to all stakeholders – caregiver owners, teachers, and parents

Daily Diaries

Instant and easy sharing of children’s daily plans and activity reports. With the touch of a button, send a kid’s meal, medicinal, and school activities reports.

Learning Journey

By recording and documenting a child’s progress, you can present a detailed activity and development report to the parent.

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Personalised Moments

  • Share child pictures and videos in one tab

  • Illumine  offers unlimited storage

  • Customize Illumine with the school logo branding.

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of classroom moments recorded, captured and documented every day.

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Why choose illumine?

As the premier school app, the Illumine digital daycare report solution is used by more than 350 premium schools. More than 60,000+ daycare moments have been captured, recorded and shared via the Illumine platform.

A comprehensive child care daily report app Illumine makes sure that every bit of the child’s daily learning experience is recorded and streamlined in an accessible virtual management center. This helps in understanding the areas which require attention in a child’s education journey and keep the teachers and parents connected on the same page. Our software is packed with features you have been looking for in various apps – all in one place.
With our seamless all-in-one childcare management platform, we ensure that your child’s learning experience and development come first before anything else! Try our digital daily daycare reporting feature now and experience the sight of holistic growth of the child’s developmental process.

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