How Woodland Preschools (Hong Kong) Integrated All Internal Systems & Boosted Enrollment by 3X





English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

  • Improved capacity management
  • Up to 15+ hours saved weekly on manual billing
  • 3X increase in enrolment rate

Woodland Preschools, The Story

Woodland Preschools is a leading chain of early childhood centers in Hong Kong with a legacy of over 47 years. Their mission centers on unlocking each child’s potential with a touch of joy. By respecting the image of the child, the school believes in fostering comprehensive growth—socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually—to nurture future global citizens. The core tenets encompass the recognition of children’s competence, co-creation of learning, communication prowess, and active societal participation. In essence, Woodland Preschool creates an empowering environment that shapes capable, curious, and engaged individuals.


Challenge #1

Student data in silos across different internal systems

Challenge #2

Disconnected and manual billing process

Challenge #3

Disjoint student journey from admission to exit

Much like most big preschool chains across the globe, Woodland Preschools had several internal systems in which student records were stored – in silos, inaccessible and disconnected.

Then there was the highly manual billing system at the backend which was not parent-friendly. Speaking of parent-friendliness, the entire journey from admission to exit was disjoint and cumbersome for staff and parents alike.

A single platform that integrated into all existing systems, and was easy for staff and parents to use – that’s what Illumine brought to the table, and transformed their overall operations drastically!


Solution #1

Single Platform that’s Easily Accessible For Daily Use

Solution #2

Automated and digital billing system

Solution #3

Unified Student Journey with CRM Integration

Utilizing a centralized platform, the school’s streamlined operations, align procedures across branches. Illumine’s financial module automated financial processes, optimizing management and reducing costs. The CRM system transformed the admission journey, automating follow-ups and personalized communication from inquiry to enrollment.

"The responsiveness and support provided by Illumine far exceeded our expectations. Their willingness to understand our unique requirements and the flexibility of the system has been exceptional."
Hoh Ee
IT Project Manager, Woodlands Preschools


Result #1

Improved capacity management

Result #2

Up to 15+ hours saved weekly on manual billing

Result #3

3X increase in enrolment rate

Through Illumine’s centralized platform, Woodland Preschools had access to student data across all centers easily, leading to improved capacity management. The automated financial module saved over 15+ hours per week, simplifying transaction handling. Moreover, adopting Illumine’s CRM for admissions led to a remarkable 3X increase in enrollment rates and improved parent engagement. These transformative results strengthened their reputation and fueled word-of-mouth referrals.

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