20 Best Childcare Management Software in 2022: Price Comparison & Reviews

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Childcare management software and its benefits

Not having enough time in their hands to look after all the day-to-day operations is one of the major complaints of the preschool owners. Keeping abreast with the administrative, scheduling, and financial processes while monitoring the children enlisted in the school is no easy task.

Technology is truly a blessing when it comes to streamlining operations. It has enabled people around the world to take control of their institutions from their own screens, bringing everything down to their fingertips.

This is exactly where childcare management systems come into play. With applications such as these, manual work is reduced to almost minimal levels, and recordkeeping of various tasks and processes becomes highly efficient. To add to that, it also allows one to ensure seamless parent-teacher communication, leads management and lets you track all financial invoices with no hassle, and register round-the-clock activities of the students digitally.

Here are some of the best childcare manager software around the world you need to know about if you’re considering taking your pre-school digital:


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1. Illumine

child care management software designed to streamline all processes, allow seamless parent communication, and enable digital management from attendance to payments. Illumine lets you consolidate your key administrative functions while enhancing experiences for parents, teachers, and directors. It facilitates transparency between parents and teachers by efficiently bridging the communication gap and keeping the parents on par with their kid’s day-to-day progress. Illumine has features that allow the teachers to share every other update of the kids through messages, photos, videos, and newsletters.

Illumine lets you bridge the communication gap between teachers and parents. Practice transparency with our daycare management software efficiently. Send messages, photos, videos, notices, or even PTA reports through our daycare software with just a tap. Its highly developed assessment tracker also records the growth of the children at each milestone, giving a good insight into the kid’s development to the parents.

What makes Illumine unique?

1. Multicenter Management

For schools with multiple centers at different locations, Illumine provides an administration dashboard that gives an overview of all their centers from a single web interface. They can check the collection status, live classroom ratios, check center activities, leads for the centers, and track parent concerns.

2. Parent Communication

Illumine brings the joy of childhood to life in the digital age. Its unique digital platform bridges the gap between parents and early education, providing real-time data into your child’s learning experience. The parent can app is beautifully designed. Schools can quickly onboard parents with minimal or no training.

Illumine Parent app is available on both IOS and Android platform

3. Invoicing & Payments

Illumine brings to you an advanced and best billing software for childcare that will enable childcare providers to easily create parent billing profiles and streamline billing processes by automatically keeping track of payments, getting subsidies, recurring payments, sending payment reminders, and creating reports. Illumine is the only platform that lets you receive online payments in all currencies. It is integrated with Stripe which supports recurring payments and payments in all modes.

Illumine childcare billing software makes you switch to paperless billing mode

4. Leads Management and online registrations:

 Build & Manage New Parent Relations With Illumine’s childcare CRM. The all-in-one built-in system automatically captures leads from your website, landing pages, calls, Facebook, and more. 2x increase in the number of school visits and registrations. It lets you track inquiries, manage waitlists, and boost registrations while ensuring each parent has a positive experience. Illumine’s lead generation software helps you automate your follow-ups, and lets you schedule tours and emails with a click of a button. Get rid of lengthy enrollment applications. Engage new-age parents effectively by enabling them to complete digital admission forms at their convenience and e-signing them anytime.

5. Learning & Assessment

Illumine’s development tool for early learners is as easy to use for teachers as it is for parents. Illumine’s assessment tool helps preschool child care providers, teachers, and parents assess a child’s development, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to support a child’s overall growth. The pre-assessment software is compatible with standard assessment frameworks like Montessori, and Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (EYFS), and can be easily modified to any other country-specific frameworks.

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The childcare assessment platform helps early childhood development and provides valuable insights. Preschool assessment tools assess children’s progress

6. Curriculum planning

A development tool for early learners that’s as easy to use for teachers as it is for parents.

Illumine assessment tools help preschool child care providers, teachers, and parents assess a child’s development, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to support a child’s overall growth.

  1. Capacity planning

Schools with multiple centers and programs have limited seats. This is because they need to maintain a student-teacher ratio. Illumine shows the real-time availability of capacities across centers.

  1. Multicurrency and multi-language support

Illumine supports multiple currencies that allow you to transact business in the currency of your choice and its multi-lingual support provides a language-pack framework that allows you to interact in any language you want to.

Pricing Overview

Illumine offers three pricing structures- standard, business, and enterprise. Their standard plan starts at $00.75 per student month, the business plan starts at $1.50 per student month, and the enterprise plan starts at $2.00 per student month.


“Illumine during covid is a great help to stay connected with teachers, schedules, and assignments.”

“Like how easy it is to log on and to switch seamlessly to Zoom for meetings.”

“Showing the parents what are their children doing at school every day and what time they took a nap or ate was lovely the parents loved it so much.”


“The cons that have come up are very few and mostly relate to the internet services which automatically get sorted.”

“As of now, the experience is pretty pleasant, and if there are any problems, the team will be quick to resolve them for us.”

“I really do not have any cons for Illumine. My experience has been very positive and I like the product and its user interface. I am being 100% honest when I say that I have never had to contact customer support so I can not speak to that, but I do know that the implementation of the solution was pretty simple.’’

Awards: Best Childcare software in G2 , Capterra and Software Suggest

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Brightwheel is a childcare management software solution platform that facilitates operations for childcare, daycares, and preschools. It specializes in streamlining the processes for the school administrators and staff in centers with mid to low capacity.

Pricing Overview

Brightwheel’s pricing beings at $125 USD per month for 50 children. They offer a free trial and also have a free version. They have two pricing structures – standard and premium. While the standard version offers basic features, the premium version supports many enhanced features and functionalities.


“This a great tool for communicating with parents. They love all the photos and I love how easily I can send things to the whole class or individually.”

“So many benefits, parents know their child is safe. Parents see their children doing fun activities and it makes them happy.”

“What I liked most was the free options that Brightwheel had – it had the most features for free use compared to competitors. A good option for a small scale daycare or preschool.”


“Frustrating, time-wasting, and gave me a ton of headaches.”

“The sign-in process was a bit of a struggle and linking multiple devices to one account was difficult.”

“One day (when I did not have auto payments set up) I stopped receiving notifications from Brightwheel about new invoices. As result, I was late to pay and our daycare charged me a late payment fee.”

Source: Capterra.com

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3. EZCare

Enrollment, billing, and scheduling – EZCare simplifies everything. EZCare functions the way you do – thanks to extensive customization of fields, menus, and user permissions, and multi-site support that lets you work through all of your sites at once. Online registration, a parent portal with contactless payments and Check-In, and the EZSmiles family interaction app, all of it is part of the EZCare package.

Pricing Overview

EZCare offers a free trial but has no free version. They have 3 different pricing models – The premier package that begins at $149 / month, the essentials package that begins at $99 / month, and the express package that begins at $59 / month for 50 students.


“I loved how much information can be added onto each page as needed.”

“The online version is great I can access the program from anywhere. The tech support is very helpful and will help you step by step when you want to make reports or have a problem.”

“I love the Insta-Charge feature that enables our clerks to take payments on the spot. The information on each tab is easy to read and assess the information needed.”


“My customers could sign up online. Other than that the software isn’t worth the monthly fees charged. There are other software out there that are much easier for you and your parents to use.”

“We often run into issues with the program crashing.”

“We are still waiting for some features to be developed. Error messages when posting paper payments and when trying to run reports if using Chrome.”

Source: Capterra.com & softwareadvice.com/

4. HiMama

HiMama is a simple, easy-to-use childcare management software that facilitates paperless processes in childcare centers. HiMama offers a simple way to capture and share your child’s experiences, from all the adventurous moments to the key milestones. This way the parents stay involved and the outcomes for the children are enhanced. For directors, the software also has strong monitoring and staff management functions.

Pricing Overview

HiMama offers a free trial version and comes in a subscription-based model. They have two pricing models – home daycare & enterprise. Their home daycare plan is priced at $25/Month, whereas, the pricing of their enterprise plan depends on the size of the preschool. The pricing is done at per classroom level


“I love the ability the software has to communicate with the staff and the photos and information on this app which help me understand the value of the staff and the program itself.”

“I like the updates that I get from my son’s teachers daily without waiting until the end of the day. The ability to communicate with the teachers and the director is a great function as well.”

“The best thing about the software is that it is very user-friendly, very easy for my clients to use it. Moreover, it has a lot of features which help our daycare.”


“Unfortunately when we had to leave the daycare (due to a move) I didn’t access the desktop version in time to save the videos, so we lost those – which I’m still a little sad about.”

“It doesn’t give you notifications when something is uploaded – which is upsetting because you forget to check it.”

“I dislike that I am unable to see what my child ate and how long she napped for until the end of the day once the report is completed.”

Source: Capterra.com & getapp.com

Website : https://www.himama.com/

5. Kangarootime

Kangarootime empowers directors to operate their businesses efficiently with automated payments and billing, a digital classroom, and a parent contact tool. With Kangarootime’s childcare management software, you can expand your company, manage your team, and establish relationships with the child’s parents.

Pricing Overview

Kangarootime offers a subscription-based plan and has a free trial version available. Their pricing again also depends on the capacity of the particular institute they are providing services to.


“Software gives our Administrators constant visibility to room attendance and staffing. Parents love the smartphone app and the ability to communicate directly with Teachers and Administrators.”

“We love the fact that Kangarootime has automated so much of our business processes. It’s great to have one product that handles everything from accounting to employees to parents.”

“Kangarootime has been a great addition to our business. The ability to track all of the children and staff in the center in real-time and the communication features are great.”


“You have to click on every single icon to get to an account, change an account, it is not on the same screen and makes it difficult to input information. It is very tedious and time-consuming.”

“I think it’s silly to have to “credit” or add line instead of deleting a billing mistake. I don’t like how glitchy the app is.”

“Dislikes would be not being about to put all the children to sleep at once in the rooming module, which I have reported to the company and this is coming as a change in the future.”

Source: Capterra.com

website: https://www.kangarootime.com/

6. Sandbox Software

Sandbox is a user-friendly and convenient all-in-one child care management software. They provide comprehensive child care management, seamless parent engagement, and relevant business growth resources. Sandbox was designed keeping the needs of educators in mind, and it now has over 140,000 users in North America.

Pricing Overview

Their pricing model is a per feature one and it varies as given below-

Childcare centers with 0-24 children: $59 per month

Childcare centers with 24-49 children: $79 per month

Childcare centers with 49-99 children: $129 per month

Childcare centers with 100-199 children: $169 per month

Childcare centers with more than 200+ children: $199 per month


“The thing I like most about Sandbox is their customer support. I love that I’m able to start a conversation via messaging and work out any issue or question I may have.”

“It’s great to have a platform that handles all things related to child care.”

“We have been extremely happy with our purchase and implantation of the Sandbox software.”


“Add description to profile, height/ weight/ eyes/ hair required for licensing. Spot for staff PHN on their profile (emergency cards).”

“Posting pictures and getting my teachers used to using it. Some teachers say it is too hard to post pictures through Sandbox and have continued texting parents.”

“Financial records are confusing and I sometimes have a hard time getting the forms I want.”

Source: Capterra.com

7. Procare

Procare is an integrated childcare management system to mitigate day-to-day activities at one’s day, preschool, or after-school programs. Their solution is functional with any device through either web or mobile applications. Some of their features include contactless check-in/out, parent communication with photo/video/newsletter capabilities, online registration, attendance monitoring, automatic online billing, regular activity, and performance tracking, medical screening monitoring, and employee time clock.

Pricing Overview

Their pricing structure is also based on the size of the institutions they cater to.

Here’s what their costing looks like for various organizations with different capabilities –

Procare center solution

0-60 Kids – $49/ Month

61-90 Kids – $69/ Month

90+ Kids – $89/ Month


“Very good value for some startups like us. It would be great to have a better payment experience and cross-device feature and easy-to-share feature in the future.”

“I can’t say enough great things about it. After the parents start using it they tell the family and friends about it and how they can see what the kiddo is doing, eating, learning, they truly love it.”

“I love the easy sign-in/sign-out screens and the fact that parents can electronically sign out on an iPad. I love the Learning section which allows me to record lesson plans.”


“If there is a mistake, you have to go in and fix each note under each child rather than a master fix.”

“When it is the wrong student that was checked in, there should be some kind of automatic email to “disregard the previous email.”

“I find the GIF in the Support Communication an unprofessional insert. I am not tech-savvy and accidentally sent an inappropriate GIF that does not represent our school standards.”

Source: Capterra.com

8. Tadpoles

Tadpoles is changing the childcare and preschool market by assisting with smoothing out activities and parent correspondence through innovation. They work with childcare centers worldwide to deliver management solutions planned explicitly to help understudy child’s accomplishments and parental inclusion. Tadpoles assist instructors with improving correspondences and draw in parents in the learning cycle by sharing photographs, recordings, progress reports, and other significant data.

Pricing Overview

Tadpoles pricing model is a pre-user one and they also offer a free trial. Their pricing begins at $25.00 per user, per month.


“I feel that because of this software and the efficiency boost it provides, not only is more time and energy focused on the students themselves but that they’re safer as a result.”

“Overall I love this software it’s been a huge help in my classroom and I would advise most childcare’s to look into it.”

“Staying connected with school and child care about your child’s progress.”


“Every once in a while the app won’t update for me right away when opening; occasionally getting stuck on a different day.”

“My biggest complaint is that occasionally the software freezes when you’re in the middle of updating a report or trying to perform some other (what should be a) relatively quick task.”

“When taking photos in the app, they typically come out blurry.”

9. Famly

Famly lets school owners control their finances, manage employees, document observations, and communicate with parents. Famly is advanced in establishing with a huge variety of childcare organizations to make certain that the platform works together along with your everyday’s workflow.

Pricing Overview

Famly offers both – a free trial and a free version. It has three pricing models – the starter package that begins at £69/ month, the essentials package that begins at £119/ month, and the premium package that begins at £169/ month.


“Great tool to encourage parent partnership and motivating staff too.”

“It caters for everything we need and the team is always open to suggestions on further improving what is already very useful.”

“Customers and staff love the app and it has improved communication in all aspects of the business’ day-to-day running.”


“Various options haven’t quite met our needs – accident reports, administration of sun cream and medication, permissions for various users.”

“Logs you out too quickly, we know this is a safety feature but can this be changed to suit the setting, no devices out with building for confidential issues.”

“If a child hasn’t started, but register and you make a mistake on the room moves, this can be hard to amend without seeking help. Can this be made the same as children who are registered?”

10. Bloomz

Bloomz is a child care management software that has all empowers teachers to communicate and collaborate with parents. It allows sharing of information through messaging, real-time updates with photo and video sharing, calendar coordination, volunteers and conferences signups, to behavior management and student portfolios.


“I also love being able to share pictures with parents of what’s going on in our classroom daily. It’s super safe because only your students’ parents can see any pictures.”

“Great tool in the classroom and easy enough to figure out.”

“I wanted a platform to streamline getting information, and NTI plans to families. I was also looking for a way to be able to message families and children one one one, and Bloomz has been fantastic.”


“Students would forget homework or tell their parents they didn’t have any. I used to do a parent newsletter that took quite a bit of time each week, and I don’t think anyone read.”

“While creating a post, if you leave that window (for example: to go to your photo gallery to check a photo) you lose anything you’ve typed. Bloomz sometimes lags during uploading.”

“Finding the “turn notifications on” spot on the app was difficult. Even though it allowed me to turn them on during set up, it only turned on some of the notifications and not all of them.

Running pre-schools and daycares digitally in today’s tech-savvy world that demands much more than good organization and imparting good education is a no-brainer! Therefore, if you haven’t already gone digital in the way you run your preschool’s administration – it’s time to do it now!

11. LifeCubby

LifeCubby is a user-friendly management system used by the nation’s best daycare organizations. Whether you have five students or 500, LifeCubby’s feature set provides everything you need to keep your centers running smoothly at quite the reasonable pricing point in the market.


“The observations are amazing I love that we can tag the foundations with the observation.”

“It was great being able to see the pictures uploaded on it of what he was doing that day. Great being able to communicate to his teacher through LifeCubby as well.”

“I love that the school is able to share photos of our child’s day with us. The app is wonderful for being able to check assessments the teachers upload.”


“Overall the navigation is extremely confusing. There are an excessive amount of options and it is difficult to consume the information in each tab.”

“I have trouble with LifeCubby sending me notifications tracking my child’s checkout at daycare, then suddenly stopping the notifications.”

“The user experience is weird and poorly designed. Sometimes my husband gets notifications about our child, sometimes I do, but never both.”

“It’s inconvenient that you are unable to do most things on the app unless the child is currently signed in, even when the child is taken to an activity some features cannot be used.”

Pricing Overview 

The pricing for LifeCubby is based on student size. For 1-15 students, you will be set back by $30/month. For 16-30 students, the price is $60/month; for 31-60 students, $100/month; for 61-100 students, $150/month; for 101-125 students, $185/month; for 126-150 students, $215/month; for 151-200 students, $285/month and for 201-250 students, $350/month.

12. KidKare

KidKare is a childcare management program that helps you save both time and money while caring for your kids. It helps you streamlines the claim process while maintaining USDA compliance. KidKare provides accounting software to help home daycare providers manage their businesses.

Pricing Overview 

KidKare provides a free 30-day trial of the Accounting features. After that, they charge you $9.95/month.


“It is a great app for bigger businesses and businesses that want to be organized.”

“Love having an option for me to record my childcare suppers on the web.”

“Very good application, let you manage your kid’s day care activity efficiently.”


“There is a $1 fee per invoice I have to pay on the site. It’s a small price to pay for convenience.”

“I tried to let them know several times with no response.”

“They stopped answering me when I told them about the race issue. I tried several different times and people but got no response.”

“It often has technical issues and takes time to load. A couple of times it caused an error, which delayed the payment.”

13. iClassPro

iClassPro is a management software solution for class-based enterprises, developed by school owners for school owners. Class and camp schedules, enrollment monitoring, communications, accounts receivable, online registration, reports, and more are all included with an iClassPro membership.

Pricing Overview 

iClassPro provides a free 30-day trial, after which the software is available at a flat rate of $129/month.


“Really appreciate the ease of using iClassPro and our customers enjoy it as well. Would recommend it to fellow cheer gyms.”

“We hope to see the ability to upload documents as well as digital punch cards for drop-in functionality for our business. Marisol, the consultant that helped set up our program, was wonderful.”

“To me, iClassPro is perfect for Great for class management. I also like how it is improving and adding features which is great.”


“I’m sure most issues are user error but it can be frustrating. Not being able to reset families’ passwords anymore has become a big inconvenience and running reports can be tricky.”

“The emails are the worst part of this software, they are very old school and bland.”

“Initial set-up can be confusing. Needs more automation for repetitive tasks – daily/weekly reports, email/marketing for new customers or lapsed and the skill tracking notifications to families.”

“We cannot store these copies on their files and have to keep hard copies. It’s also somewhat hard to set up.”

14. Storypark

Storypark allows you to share images, videos, observations, and ideas with parents easily. Storypark was created under the supervision of early childhood experts and has features that can make the management journey smoother for daycare providers.

Pricing Overview 

Storypark is available in three different price options. A free 30-day trial is offered. Family plan is free of charge. The education plan starts at $9.90/month and increases to $12.90/month per kid as the number of children increases.


“Storypark is a wonderful software I use for reading stories to my children in my classroom.”

“This is a simple and easy way for educators to connect with family and share those amazing learning opportunities that happen so often throughout the day.”

“It’s fun and easy for kids to practice lots of skills. It helps with learning in lots of subject areas.”


“Sometimes when uploading photos into a draft, it fails to load and you lose those photos that could have been taken using the camera feature.”

“It is boring – that is when you writing learning stories you don’t have the options of adding graphics, page backgrounds, etc.”

“Between our own learning tags and our association’s (for appraisals), this area seems cluttered and we have to scroll through an awful lot in a very tiny box, to find what we need.”

“A little bit confusing for non-tech Parents and guardians because of the app frequent changes and lack of story features like adding the poll, etc.”

15. Regpack

Regpack assists child care centers and providers with registration and payment collection. They collaborate with child care facilities, youth and after-school programs, camps, and other institutions to provide a tailored solution that meets your needs.

Pricing Overview 

You can take a free demo of the software. The administrative license comes at a flat fee of $125 and unlocks access to everything in the app.


“We specifically like the ability for us to implement payment plans for events, items, etc.”

“The system is very easy to learn and being able to tag a trigger to anything helps the application side of the system so flawless and professional.”

“Overall, we have had a terrific experience with RegPacks.”


“It was not communicated well that every time someone would access Regpack it would apply to the total number of users which ultimately charged us more even for invalid registrations.”

“The language describing some of the tools/features is convoluted and unclear. Drag and drop on the forms is a nightmare.”

“This issue is the current one in a string of system failures that have cost us time and lost revenue over the past half-year, and we are leaving Regpack at the end of this month.”

“We had a lot of problems with our users running our registration form on Safari.”

16. PREto3

PREto3 is the finest childcare software if you want something simple to use, economical, and effective. It is a sophisticated software solution that allows childcare operators to select from a variety of capabilities required to manage a center efficiently. You can effortlessly manage your childcare company using PREto3, which includes attendance reports, enrollment, parent portal, and other features.

Pricing Overview 

PREto3 offers a free demo and free trial. To unlock all features, you have to shell out $0.99/month per student.


“I am only in week one of the 30 day trial. So far the ease of clocking in and out is amazing.”

“We are excited to be using Preto3 and making our communication lines with our parents even easier.”

“We set up the trial program and by the end of the first day we knew we had found the perfect software for our school.”

“It has addressed our needs as a small non-profit preschool and given us options that we had not considered but are now excited to incorporate in our family communication.”


“It’s a growing company so sometimes support can be slow, and the app might crash, but you can see they’re constantly working on these problems.”

“I have 2 children, only one is showing. Complained, now 2 are showing, but any info on #2 changes #1’s info.”

“Terrible app, 1 message showing, when I click on it, nothing in inbox.”

“We were forced into researching a replacement software for the sign in/out for our preschool when our previous software company stopped their app.”

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17. ZayCare

ZayCare assists you in managing the operations of your childcare center or school. You can monitor student grades, timetables, and progress, as well as track enrollment and attendance. Many daycare centers use this software to automate HR, financial, administrative, and other activities.

Pricing Overview 

ZayCare offers a free demo and a free trial to all its users. For organizational use, you can contact the vendor for custom pricing.


“Easy to use, handy, we easily uploaded 500 students’ records, and worksheets without any hustle.”

“It has reduced the tremendous amount of time and energy that we can now use to better our beneficiaries. All the necessary data is managed very easily on the app. Automated emails and attendance are the best features until now.”


“Unable to delete the student records in case a student dropped out.”

18. Kaymbu

Kaymbu is a cutting-edge classroom documentation tool for capturing, recording, and sharing your students’ learning experiences. Kaymbu enables instructors to construct learning modules with various exercises, schedule them for many children, track individual children’s progress, and distribute them. This app can be accessed from any Android or iOS smartphone.

Pricing Overview 

Kaymbu offers a free demo and a free trial to all its users. For organizational use, you can contact the vendor for custom pricing.


“I love the ease of using the Kaymbu camera to add photos to my newsletters. Families love seeing their children’s photos in newsletters and it’s something they look forward to.”

“Helps us communicate with parents – they love to see videos of their kids.”

“As a parent I love receiving the pictures, my daughters daily activities, and the portfolio assessments done on her. Working with the app is just as great.”

“The convenience to share information with families and other teachers.”


“I have had trouble with uploading my photos and at times haven’t been able to finish my work because of it. I also find that the pdf conversion is a time-waster.”

“Sometimes we have trouble connecting to Kaymbu. Oftentimes, it is a problem with our server.”

“I hate that we can’t post our own logo- especially since we have it in the template.”

“Have trouble with the administrator app on iPad, I have to go through on my computer.”

19. Smartcare

Smartcare has developed a cost-effective app that manages all aspects of their kid’s daycare experience, including payments and communication from a single, simple dashboard. It includes a platform that allows caregivers to enter parent contact information and monitor children’s activities in real time.

Pricing Overview 

Smartcare offers a free trial. Its in-home center management service is priced at $59/month. The center management service will set you back by $99/month; the classroom management service costs $99/month; the center and classroom management costs $179/month.


“It has been a joy to be part of Smartcare’s development and growth.”

“This is a great way to stay connected with your child’s center. You can pay automatically on the app.”

“It is super convenient and one is able to keep up with children’s progress.”


“We also had issues with how to bill parents as my policy charges for what they schedule and your program charges for what they attend. We are working on it with our rep though.”

“I miss the emergency report that would print out children in attendance and emergency contacts for fire drills.”

“In addition, the pay feature is a hassle because if I want to change which card I’m using, I have to leave the main screen, and go to settings, instead of just selecting a card from a drop menu.”

“I have had more problems with this than I can probably list. I have installed/uninstalled the app on my phone several times due to it not working properly.”

20. Tuition Express

Tuition Express is a childcare billing app that works online. This app is ideal for anyone who needs to keep track of accounting data easily and effectively. It is a low-cost, simple-to-use software that assists your childcare facility with administrative responsibilities. You can use Tuition Express to produce invoices and view payment history.

Pricing Overview 

Tuition Express doesn’t offer a free demo and a free trial. For organizational use, you can contact the vendor for custom pricing.


“I like that this product is very straightforward.”

“I love the fact that everything I need from parents and employees is all in one place. Also, when I need assistance, technical assistance is always available to help in a friendly manner.”

“I love that I can pay for my children’s daycare any time from anywhere. Also the site feels very secure for the payment options.”

“It is well worth the savings in time it would take counting checks and cash, making bank deposits etc.”


“Customer service should be available for parents.”

“The one thing that I dislike about the software is that in the beginning, I made a few mistakes that I can’t correct due to money being attached.”

“Recently, it has had system errors. The parents cannot submit payments if the system is down.”

“They do a lot of updates that sometimes interrupt service but they do them at off hours.”

Wrap up

The childcare sector is very competitive, so you should consider investing in the best daycare software to help you stand out from the crowd.

Illumine is the #1 rated and reviewed childcare software globally, trusted by over 500 schools. We also provide a free trial version of our product. Using a trial version gives you the chance to see what wonders we can do for your business and for the parent community, so sign up today!

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