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A child care app designed to streamline operations, improve parent communication, and enable digital management from attendance to payments.

A child care app designed to streamline your childcare operations, improve parent communication, and simplifies billing, attendance, and assessment processes.

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1000+ Five Star Reviews! Winner of best childcare software awards.

An all-inclusive childcare app that simplifies childcare management

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The all-inclusive childcare management software

Manage everything from one place!

Now bridge the communication gap between teachers and parents. Practice transparency with our daycare management software efficiently. Send messages, photos, videos, notices, or even PTA reports through our daycare software with just a tap.

A childcare management system with everything you need in one place.

We understand how challenging it can be to run a full-time daycare center or a preschool. Now manage your daily operations, parent-teacher communication, and your school admissions (enrolments) and business finances with the best childcare management software. Our childcare app is extremely user-friendly and seamlessly integrated.

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Simplify your center management

Manage payments, student-teacher ratios, and enrolments, manage your staff, send daily reports and enable seamless parent-teacher communication – all from one place

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Illumine is a preschool management software with a purpose. Our aim is to empower childcare centers through technology. Illumine can help you take better measures to manage your preschool/daycare amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Take The Next Step Towards New-Age Learning!

How Illumine benefits Teachers and Educators

Plan and share lessons, hold virtual classes, meet all the licensing standards and improve your quality ratings with the child care software.

Structured Lesson Planning

Plan and create scheduled lessons on the childcare software to collaborate with the parents. Easily integrate these lessons into the virtual classes and create an immersive learning experience.

  • Create Scheduled Lessons
  • Weekly Lesson Plans

  • Share Learning Material

  • Share Activity Reports

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Learning Assessments

Share each child’s assessment and progress report with parents, access historical progress, and evaluate the developmental journey with the star-based reward system in our preschool software.

  • Check historical progress

  • Establish & track milestones

  • Standardised Assessment Process

Interactive Virtual Classes

With Illumine’s virtual class platform, teachers can impart their education remotely with the help of features like whiteboards, live screen sharing and supporting all documents.

  • Advanced Interactive Whiteboard

  • Pre-record sessions

  • Live chat support

Instant Parent Feedbacks

With live chat support and instant messaging, parents can provide their feedback on lessons and their child’s progress. Our parent They can raise a concern as and when needed through the childcare app.

  • Share medical requests and food notes with teachers
  • Raise concern with administrators and get quick resolution

  • Lets parents and teacher instantly reach out through messaging

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Most trusted preschool and daycare management software

Customers love your daycare app

Our child care center software is used by over 400 schools using the app and loving it. We bring in a user-friendly interface without compromising the quality of the technology incorporated. Trusted by preschool owners, teachers and parents, we are continuously updating our features to adapt to the latest innovations.

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Illumine is a hassle-free and easy to use the software. Our staffs absolutely love it.

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 Their latest design changes has made user experience so much better

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Their customer service is a delight. I am always promptly assisted 

What makes us
the best childcare software?


Schools have chosen Illumine as their preferred preschool management software


of classroom moments recorded, captured and documented every day.

Illumine childcare app is for everyone. Our users love us

Illumine is for everyone

Why choose illumine?

As the premier childcare management software, the Illumine digital daycare report solution is used by more than 450 premium schools. More than 60,000+ daycare moments have been captured, recorded and shared via the Illumine platform.
A comprehensive childcare management platform, Illumine makes sure that every bit of the child’s daily learning experience is recorded and streamlined in an accessible virtual management center. This helps in understanding the areas which require attention in a child’s education journey and keep the teachers and parents connected on the same page. Our software is packed with features you have been looking for in various apps – all in one place.
With our seamless all-in-one childcare management platform, we ensure that your child’s learning experience and development come first before anything else! Try our digital daily daycare reporting feature now and experience the sight of holistic growth of the child’s developmental process.
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