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Build better partnerships with parents by keeping them involved in every step of their child’s progress.

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A parent communication app that helps you stay ahead

Keep parents happy

Send real-time updates, share pictures and videos, and keep them in the loop with their kid’s activities. Parents love Illumine!



Enrollments Increased

Stay connected

Send instant messages to parents, manage parent notes and concerns, & monitor leave requests with the app.


Boost in parent satisfaction levels

Invest to save

Digitize all your operations and save money on paper, printouts, and resources.



savings per month

Communicate efficiently and effectively

Update parents on every detail, share photos, videos, and documents with the app, and keep them up-to-date with their kid’s progress

Real-time activity updates

CCTV streaming

Share photos and videos

Daily Reports

In-app messaging

Address parent concerns

Share lesson plans

 Illumine makes parent communication for preschools a straightforward and quick process. 

Keep parents engaged

Send messages, share photos, videos, and documents with parents and keep them informed with their child’s minute-to-minute updates.

Build a strong parent-teacher relationship

Establish a medium for seamless parent-teacher communication, help parents and teachers collaborate and communicate efficiently.

Increase parents satisfaction

Handle all the issues raised by a parent from the app and satisfy parent expectations like never before.

Keep parents on track with their child’s day-to-day activities. Loop them in with all the updates, and build a strong parent-teacher relationship.

Photos and videos

With this parent-teacher communication app, teachers can share real-time pictures and videos with a click of a button.

Activity updates

Send updates to parents about the kid’s meal, nap, and potty times directly from the app. Illumine helps you keep parents stress-free and informed at all times.

CCTV streaming

Parents can tune into the classroom directly from the app if given access by the school. With Illumine, you can enable parents to witness everything their baby is up to.

Involve parents in the child’s progress

When teachers and parents collaborate efficiently, they can help kids prosper holistically. Enable parents and teachers to come together to support the child’s learning and development journey.

Lesson plans and assignments

Illumine helps you keep parents up to date with the academic developments at their kid’s preschool. Share weekly or daily lesson plans with parents with the app,

Daily daycare reports

Send daily activity reports to parents and keep them informed about their child’s activities at the school. Make getting parents on board with their kids’ learning journey convenient for your teachers.

Assessments and growth tracker

Illumine enables teachers to evaluate and record a kid’s developmental milestones. They can also share the reports with parents and keep them informed on the child’s growth.

Communication made easy

Our parent communication app is designed to make collaborating with and updating parents easier. With features such as in-app messaging, announcements, calendars, and newsletter sharing, teachers will never have to struggle with communicating details to parents

Instant messaging

Illumine makes two-way communication between parents and teachers as simple as it gets. Respond to every query a parent has swiftly and conveniently.

Events, holidays, and newsletters

Update parents on upcoming events and holidays. Create and share newsletters with the app and give them a heads up in advance.

Leaves Management

Illumine allows parents to apply for leaves. Teachers get notified about the same and can address it directly from the app.

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