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Virtual classroom software for the new era

y: Hold online classes, connect with parents, share lessons and assignments, and make life easy for your teachers with Illumine’s virtual classroom app.

  • Schedule online classes with students with a click of a button

  • Share Lesson plans and grade assignments

  • Used by more than 350+ schools globally for real-time virtual learning and communication

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A comprehensive virtual teaching software, Illumine facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration among teachers, students and parents to scale real-time interaction and practice through transparency

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Take The Next Step Towards New-Age Learning!

Take remote learning and lesson planning to the next level with the our virtual classroom app.

Structured Lesson Planning

Plan and create scheduled lessons on the virtual classroom software to collaborate with the parents. Easily integrate these lessons into the virtual classes and create an immersive learning experience.

  • Create Scheduled Lessons
  • Weekly Lesson Plans

  • Share Learning Material

  • Share Activity Reports

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Learning Assessments

Share each child’s assessment and progress report with parents, access historical progress, and evaluate the developmental journey with the star-based reward system in our virtual learning environment software.

  • Check historical progress

  • Establish & track milestones

  • Standardised Assessment Process
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Interactive Virtual Classes

With Illumine’s virtual class platform, teachers can impart their education remotely with the help of features like whiteboards, live screen sharing and supporting all documents.You will be able to extensively use new-age tools like advanced virtual whiteboards, live share screening and uploading supporting documents in real-time to make the learning experience more interactive and immersive.

  • Advanced Interactive Whiteboard

  • Pre-record sessions

  • Live chat support
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A Feature-packed Virtual Classroom App

Enable uninterrupted learning experiences for the students with a comprehensive range of features by Illumine’s virtual classroom platform.

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The Best Virtual Classroom Software

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Illumine is a hassle free and easy to use software. Our staffs absolutely love it.

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 Their latest design changes has made user experience so much better

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Why choose illumine?

The Illumine virtual classroom software is used by more than 450 premium schools. More than 20000 online classroom sessions are scheduled every month. More than 30k lessons and assignments are shared every month.

A comprehensive virtual teaching software platform, Illumine makes sure that every bit of the child’s daily learning experience is recorded and streamlined in an accessible virtual learning center. Our technologically advanced online classroom software provides the ability to record the live sessions and playback them any-time as per your convenience. This helps in understanding the areas which require attention in a child’s education journey and keeps the teachers and parents connected on the same page. Our software is packed with features you have been looking for in various apps – all in one place.

With our seamless comprehensive online classroom software, we ensure that your child’s learning experience and development come first before anything else!

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