To start your own preschool in India is definitely a lucrative plan.

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To start your own preschool in India is definitely a lucrative plan. Being in a company of young children and helping them enjoy and learn in their developmental years is itself empowering. For opening a preschool or own a Preschool franchisee, you need to know how to run the same:

Let’s explore what all needs to be done to start a preschool in India.

It is a mandatory step to start any type of business. You need to research:

  • Number of Preschool age kids residing in your area
  • Their family income(approx)
  • Fees charged by competitors
  • Other investments like resources
  • Estimated return on investment

If you opt for Franchisee model, you must choose the best one

  • Your values as an educator should match the franchisee message.
  • Curriculum
  • Right Background in preschoolers education
  • Should promote developmental learning
  • Should encourage fun and interesting future learning
  • Should provide support in running it successfully.

Now that you have decided to open a preschool, you have to decide on the facilities you are going to provide in the same.

  • Finish all the legal formalities.
  • Buy and furnish all the needed equipment
  • These all should be childproof. It should be safe, clean and comfortable.
  • Should provide a fun and nurturing learning environment.

Few of the necessary equipment are as follows :

  • Toys
  • Books
  • Rugs
  • Art supplies
  • Black and whiteboards
  • Child-sized chairs and tables
  • Cupboards
  • Washroom supplies
  • Cleaning things and other furniture.
  • Medical Cabinet for emergency medical supplies etc

Preschool Marketing

  • Promote your services to local parents and families.
  • Ask for franchisee help, if you have opted for one.
  • Start a useful blog
  • Create a Social Media Page
  • Use Digital Marketing services to get more leads
  • Staff and Resources
  • Teachers having prior experience in preschool teaching.
  • Having an Early Childhood Education Certificate
  • Having experienced and verified caretakers

After ticking the above checklist. One must have a preschool management app. IT would help you keep a track of your everyday preschool operations, finances and Parent-teacher communication.