Smart bus tracking app

 Ensure children’s safety and keep parents worry-free with the bus tracking app.

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Bus tracking made effortless

Enable parents and teachers to track the school bus in real-time, access driver details and bus route with Illumine.

Real-time bus tracking

No external software required

Access bus driver’s details

Accurate and reliable tracking

Receive journey updates

Timely alerts

The bus tracking app for today’s daycare centers

Notify parents when a bus drops or reaches school, enable real time tracking of all your buses. 

GPS-enabled tracking

Track real-time movement of the bus

Safety Redefined

Get notified on children boarding and dismounting the bus.

Stay connected

Access bus routes and driver details at a touch of a button.

All the information in one place

Illumine provides every detail regarding the bus journey, route, and driver. Whether it is tracking the bus movement, finding out the bus route, or fetching the driver’s contact information, you can do it all with Illumine.

Real-time location

Illumine allows parents and authorities to track the live movement of the school bus with its GPS-enabled bus tracking feature. Assure the safety of kids and give peace of mind to parents with our platform.

Driver details

The contact information of the bus driver is available to be accessed by both parents and school authorities on the app. Parents can easily reach out through Illumine's bus tracking app if a need arises

Bus route

Illumine displays the route to be taken by the school bus during its journey. This provides for a sense of transparency and assurance for the parents.

Assure the children’s safety, keep parents informed with timely updates about their kid’s journey, and enable them to track the real-time location of the bus.

Safety assurance

With the bus’ location being updated in real-time in the app, parents won’t be worried about their kid’s whereabouts. Additionally, the driver details and the bus route details give them another layer of security.

Timely alerts

The bus tracking app alerts parents before the bus arrives at the school and when the children board or alight the bus. With Illumine, parents will have ample time to prepare and accompany their child to the stop.


No additional software is required for tracking the school bus. Both parents and school authorities can access the real-time location of the bus by just clicking a simple GPS link.

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