Preschool management software for Malaysia

Illumine’s robust preschool management system allows preschool, Tadika and daycare owners easy access to child data, better parent partnerships and  help you grow.

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Why choose Illumine’s preschool management software in Malaysia

Plan for the future and keep your preschool at full capacity with Illumine’s accurate preschool insights. We’re the best preschool management software to manage your early years’ provisions, whether you have one location or one hundred

Why millions of educators and families love Illumine

Streamline operations

Your staff will have 24*7 access to the administrative tools required to plan lessons, record meals, track observations, and manage classrooms efficiently.


Saved per month

Enhance parent communication

Send photos, videos, development reports and make parents part of their child’s learning journey


Numbers of pictures and videos shared

Allow digital payments

Set up automatic recurring invoices, charge and receive childcare payments online, and get comprehensive tax reports.


Tranactions processed

Build stronger connection with parents

Make the parents involved in their little one’s learning journey and build stronger relationships

In-app communication

Send timely payment reminders, generate and send invoices, and keep track of your finances with Illumine.

Media-rich messaging

Your staff can unlimited photos and videos in a heartbeat to get parents on board their kid’s preschool journey.

Real-time activity updates

Preschool parents will never miss a moment of their child’s food, nap, and diaper change times again with instant updates of their child’s whereabouts and achievements.

Take control of your adminstration tasks

Slash the planning and preparation time you and your staff spend at the preschool by 50%.

Billing and payments

Send notifications to parents regarding the kid’s food, nap, and diaper change times. With just a few clicks, keep parents informed about their kid’s time to time activities.

Monitor assessment data

Illumine supports standard assessment frameworks such as EYFS, Montessori, or any other country-specific framework. Save up to 4 hours of staff time per month on average with our platform, giving them more time to focus on the kids.​

Digitize lesson planning

Save resources and time by creating lessons, managing lesson categories, monitoring submissions, and awarding stars to students.

Speed up billing by invoicing all your preschool parents instantly.

Illumine offers online payments at zero percent commission. Make it easy for parents to pay on time, and keep your billing in one place

Collect online payments

Parents can set up recurring contactless payments or direct debits, reducing the time your team spends chasing payments. Oversee payment reports and track pending payments with Illumine.

Generate digital invoices

Send auto-generated invoices based on monthly, weekly, biweekly, daily, or hourly attendance with just one click and reduce phone calls with automated reminders.

Manage your financial data

Monitor and track all your transactions from the admin dashboard. Get alerts when a parent makes a payment or when an invoice is past the due date

Prioritize the needs of today’s parents with our preschool management system.

Today’s million parents prefer swift and instant services. Our preschool management software caters to their requirements.

Digital attendance

Speed up check-in/out for both staff and students with our online attendance software. Illumine helps you record temperature, manage authorized pick-ups, and get real-time classroom ratios.

Online registrations

Register parents online, easily and quickly, without chasing down paperwork, and manage your waitlist using Illumine’s lead CRM.

Leads Management

Get an overview of all your leads. Add, track, and validate leads from a single screen. Streamline your sales pipeline and provide easier, faster ways for prospects & waitlisted families to enroll.

All your leads managed from one place

Save costs and manage family data for new leads in one place with our online admission software

Leads dashboard and reports

Understand your lead pipeline better by managing it using the online registration software. Get information on a lead’s source, status, and upcoming follow-ups

Track source of your leads

Know the channels bringing you the most opportunities and determine which lead sources are most valuable to your business.Learn how and where parents hear about your childcare.

Manage tasks and leads activities

Every action performed by your leads as well as your sales team is logged in the system. you can intervene if a lead has been sitting untouched in the system for a long time

Most trusted preschool management software in Malaysia

1000+ schools worldwide have partnered with us to make preschool administration, invoicing and billing, and parent communication easy.

Customers love our preschool management software in Malaysia

Over 1000 five stars reviews across G2, Capterra, Software Advice, Playstore and Appstore

We’ve made our platform as flexible as it gets,
just for you.

Make Illumine your own. Customise plans as per your requirements.

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