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Illumine brings to you a school bus tracking app with robust features. The bus-tracking feature enables you to track the school bus where your child is traveling until they arrive safely at school or back home..

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A Feature-Packed School Bus Tracking Software

Illumine provides the most comprehensive school bus tracking app loaded with advanced features.

Now you can track any vehicle in real-time – whether a school bus or even parents with children on their way to school with the Illumine school bus tracker. With a simple click on a GPS link, you can view a vehicle’s current or previous location.

With an ultimate aim to combat the issues of worrying parents, this powerful and comprehensive school bus locator app is a must for preschools.

Highly Reliable

No more chasing after the school bus after it has left your stop. The school bus locator app will give you a timely alert a few minutes before it arrives, giving you ample time to prepare and accompany your child to their stop.

  • Track the bus movements in real time

  • Contact driver or helper from the app

  • Get drop-off and pick-up alerts

Real-time Tracking

Enjoy peace of mind through the seamless tracking of your preschooler’s ride to and from school.. The Illumine bus tracking service utilizes GPS tracking to provide accurate, real-time monitoring as it weaves through traffic.

  • GPS-enabled tracking

  • Accurate information tracking

  • Real-time monitoring

Safety Redefined

For the safety-conscious parent, the tracker will not only give you the location of the bus, but it will also provide crucial information such as:

• Whether your child boarded the bus or not

• Time your child boarded and alighted from the bus

You can conveniently access all this information from the comfort of your home or office with the help of this school bus tracking app. What’s more, you don’t have to consult anyone to get the information; just a quick glance at your GPS-enabled school bus tracker will help you get all the information in your hand.

Simple Steps to Your Child’s Safety

Seamless and effortless. The Best Bus Tracking App Benefits

A quick download on your iPhone or Android device will unlock a whole world of connectivity. This best bus live tracking app connects everyone to the system: the bus driver, the parents, the teachers, and the school administrator.

You are all in contact and know what’s going on with the bus, and can all track the bus as it’s on the move during the daily school run, or during school trips, till arrival at the final destination.

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Simple Steps to Your Child’s Safety

Seamless and effortless. The Best School Bus Tracking App Benefits

Unleash a world of connectivity and transparency with the help of Illumine’s school bus tracking software. A quick download on your iPhone or Android device will help you track the bus in real-time and creates a hub of communication to the system for the bus driver, the parents, the teachers, and the school administrator.

You can track each movement of your child’s travel on the bus and are in constant connectivity with the bus driver and the teachers till the arrival at the final destination.

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What Is in It for

the School Owners?

Gone are the days when school owners need to manually check each and every preschooler’s arrival to and departure from the school and be extremely cautious about any deviations on the route.

Illumine’s best bus tracking app is a relief for school owners to seamlessly keep track of the children without the hassle of manual labor.

Illumine facilitates a simple, foolproof and highly convenient interface which comes as a relief for the school owners as this reduces the anxious phone calls from preschooler parents.

The school bus locator app will also inform them of unauthorized deviations or stopovers from the approved routes, speeding violations, or any emergencies like breakdowns or accidents.

Peace of Mind for Parents

Nothing provides peace of mind and comfort like knowing your little one’s every move when they newly step out into the world. The school bus GPS tracking app delivers on that promise. An intuitive and ergonomic user interface provides real-time updates of the bus movement even before it gets to your stop. The timely alert gives you enough time to leave and deliver your kid to their waiting stop before it arrives.

Even if you miss the bus, the app shows you the route the bus took so you can catch it at the next stop. Moreover, the app contains real-time updates to check if your kid boarded the bus and if they are not boarded.

A Smarter World of Daycare Reporting

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the best bus app?


Schools have chosen Illumine as their preferred preschool management software


of classroom moments recorded, captured and documented every day.

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Illumine is a hassle free and easy to use software. Illumine has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to handle. Our staff absolutely loves it!.

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We can see that the Illumine team puts effort into developing the software each day to make things easier for us as teachers.

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Why choose illumine bus tracking system?

As the premier school app, the Illumine school bus tracker is used by more than 350 premium schools, with at least 2,032 active trackings per day. Illumine has handled more than 60,000+ successful trips.

Illumine’s bus tracking system provides seamless, real-time school bus tracking and builds a hub of connectivity that makes school administrators and parents less anxious about the child’s safety. Not only this, but the school bus tracking app also alerts the parents and school owners of any deviations on the route.

Try our school bus tracking app today, streamline child movement tracking and get relief from your worries regarding the child’s safety!

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