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Why Offering CCTV Access to Parents in Preschool and daycare is a good idea

Parents are full of anxiety, apprehension, and doubts when they leave their children in a school. The best way to relieve them of their anxiety is to give them live streaming access of the classroom. Many of the parents remain glued to the camera all day,.

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Why sharing CCTV access is a good idea apart from it relieving parents of their anxiety ?

It is a good measure for schools to claim about their school standards and also adds accountability from their side. Though at times it can cause mixed reactions because parents may find some practices not so pleasing

Sharing live access is a great way to keep a check on whether all the staff adhere to the practices recommended by the school.

With the rising cases of misconduct, child abuses sharing CCTV access ensures these unfortunate incidents if happened then they never go unnoticed.

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