A Himama alternative that’s
Faster, Better, and reliable

Illumine’s next-generation childcare software centralizes all operations on a single platform to help your centers succeed and improve parent experience.

Himama Pricing

Himama charges a flat $50 per month per classroom.
So your cost increases linearly with the number of classrooms you create.

Why Illumine

With our all-in-one solution for lead, expense, online registration forms and multicenter management, you’ll be acquiring and retaining new families and enabling your staff to be the best educators.


Illumine’s offers Customisations, Integrations and provide APIs while Himama does not do any customisations.

Zero commissions on online payments

We charge zero commission on the online fees received from payment while Himama charges 2.5% commission.

No training costs.

We conduct multiple free training sessions for all your staff while Himama charges 500 dollars per training session

No data migration and onboarding cost.

Himama charges you upwards of $1500 while we do free data onboarding and migration from your existing system

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business without growing our costs
with Illumine.

What you get with Illumine

Of the hundreds of reviews for Illumine and Himama on G2, Illumine outperformed Himama in 4 areas of customer satisfaction, including ease of use, convenience to set up, quality of support, and product direction.

himama alternative

Get more features with Illumine

You get access to the complete suite of Illumine’s customizable features for a single monthly fee, so you can get back to caring for children while we take care of your business.

Illumine in the spotlight

Our Childcare software is used by over 500 schools across the world. The childcare app is available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux in multiple languages

Our clients speak

Over 1000 five starts reviews across G2, Capterra, Software Advice, Playstore and Appstore

Join thousands of schools

Make Illumine your own. Customise plans as per your requirements.


Himama is not free to use.  You’re expected to pay a monthly fee for onboarding students. You also have to shell out extra money for data migration, teacher training, custom webinars for parents, and office and classroom setup. With a Himama alternative like Illumine, however, training and data migration are entirely free of cost, helping you lower your budget.

On G2, parents have reported Himama being unreliable with respect to saving student data. Often, student videos and photos get lost. Parents can’t form a support group to connect with each other in the community. The app is slow to use and freezes occasionally. Parents looking to resolve these concerns, and instantly message teachers to stay in the loop about their children, should try Illumine. Illumine empowers daycare owners to live stream classes, stay in constant touch with parents using the messaging feature, and help parents keep an eye on their kids using bus tracking.

Illumine is a better childcare management tool than Himama because of the following reasons:

  • Modern user interface
  • Custom integrations
  • Faster development cycle
  • Parent group chat feature
  • Integrated lead management CRM
  • Live streaming
  • Virtual classroom software
  • Session-based billing

Illumine is, by far, the best alternative to Himama for running your childcare business efficiently and profitably. Its sleek interface, automation, and parent-friendly features will save you and your staff hours each week. Illumine’s customer success managers are there for you at every step of the way to help you reach higher levels of efficiency than you would have expected to reach with Himama.

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