Early childhood assessment is a tool used for documenting crucial information about a child’s development and growth and giving an insight into it to their teachers, families, and caregivers. 

Illumine’s assessment app for preschools makes assessing a child’s progress simple and easy for the teachers. You can document children’s growth against various milestones, assess their growth, and provide them support wherever needed.

There are majorly seven types of assessments for preschool children.

  1. Diagnostic assessment: It’s important to know what kind of kids you’ll be teaching before you formulate the assessment framework. You should learn about your student’s strengths, shortcomings, and abilities, and knowledge and create instructions based on them.
  2. Formative assessment:  The purpose is to keep track of student progress and provide input. It assists you in discovering the weaknesses in your training. You’ll know what to focus on for the future expansion of your instruction based on this feedback.
  3. Summative assessment: 
  4. Confirmative assessments
  5. Norm-referenced assessment
  6. Criterion-referenced assessment
  7. Ispative assessment

Illumine lets you record progress against milestones and development areas for every child. By default, the format is set to the EYFS framework but you can customize it according to your choice. Our platform is compatible with several curriculum structures including Montessori, Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (EYFS), and other country-specific frameworks.Accordion Content

In order to create your own milestones, go to milestones under learning and click on the milestone button next to the development area you’d like to add the milestone for.Accordion Content

Go to student assessment under learning and click on the student for whom you’d like to conduct the assessment. Next, click on the create assessment button and conduct the assessment for said areas.

Digital Attendance

You can log attendance either:

-by manually entering students one by one

– parents can scan the QR code at the school with the app to check-in their kids or,

– parents can enter their child’s kiosk code to log their attendance

While checking a student in through the check-in button in the attendance section, you will see an option to log temperature. You can use this field to record temperatures. This data, however, is optional.

The live student-teacher ratio at your school is available to you at the admin dashboard under the attendance section

While checking in a student if teachers select the late-check-in option for them, a ‘late’ label would be added under the check-in time, next to the student’s name.

Bus Tracking

When you click on the bus tracking option under the profile tab of the app, it’ll lead you to a screen with the real-time location of the bus as well as the driver’s contact information.

Yes, the parents are alerted through notifications on the app every time their kids board or alight the bus.

No, you can track the school bus’ location directly from Illumine’s app. You do not need any external software for it

Illumine’s bus tracking app for preschools updates the location based on GPS-enabled tracking. It also provides you with the contact details of the school bus driver. Hence, it’s not just reliable but also gives parents the peace of mind they need when their kids are away from them.

Daycare Reporting

Illumine’s daycare app is designed to enable teachers to carry out all the operations swiftly and easily. In fact, with Illumine teachers will be able to save up to 45 minutes of time per day not being engaged in paperwork and will be able to pay more attention to the kids. Illumine’s daycare software empowers your teachers by helping them digitize most of their teaching process and leaves them with both energy and time to spend with the children.

On the daycare software homepage, parents can see the activity stream after selecting either the photo or video category. Following this, the feed would display the media for the selection they made. They will see a download option after selecting the photo or video they want to download.

Yes, Illumine offers you the possibility of adding multiple branches to your account. You can supervise and handle operations for all your branches once you add them to Illumine’s handle.

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