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Illumine is the only enterprise-level platform that meets the needs of a large child care organisation. Illumine provides organisations more capabilities than any other platform, offering the best experience to teachers, parents and management alike.

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Free your staff to focus on the kids, not the paperwork

  • We are a platform for educators to build digital relationship with their students and parents. We provide teachers a safe, flexible online environment to teach, track and manage their students.

  • Illumine is a platform, that allows teachers to achieve more. It lets them track student performance, plan effectively, and also provides assistance in the form of profiles and awards for students.

  • We believe childhood education is a human right. That’s why we’re passionate about creating high-quality videos and articles, along with a podcast that provides continuous professional learning and inspiring thought leadership on early childhood learning.

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Illumine has many features to manage your centers

Why choose illumine?

As the premier school app, the Illumine childcare solution is used by more than 350 premium schools. More than 60,000+ daycare moments have been captured, recorded and shared via the Illumine platform.
A comprehensive childcare management platform, Illumine makes sure that every bit of the child’s daily learning experience is recorded and streamlined in an accessible virtual management center. This helps in understanding the areas which require attention in a child’s education journey and keep the teachers and parents connected on the same page. Our software is packed with features you have been looking for in various apps – all in one place.
With our seamless all-in-one childcare management platform, we ensure that your child’s learning experience and development come first before anything else! Try our digital daily daycare reporting feature now and experience the sight of holistic growth of the child’s developmental process.
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