How Earthlings Increased Parent Satisfaction by 82%


 1, Bangalore, India



Custom curriculum Inspired by Regilio Emilia

  • 82% Increase in parent satisfaction
  • 1400 $ saved manually
  • 70+ hours saved per week. 


Early Earthlings, a preschool based in Bangalore, India, embarked on a mission to create a child-led environment that fostered holistic development. However, they faced challenges in effectively communicating with parents, streamlining operations, and documenting children’s progress. In their pursuit of a solution that aligned with their philosophy, Early Earthlings discovered Illumine in their initial years. This case study dives into their transformative journey and the positive impact Illumine had on their operations, parent engagement, and curriculum implementation.



Challenge #1

Huge Communication gap between parents and teachers

Challenge #2

Inefficient team coordination

Challenge #3

Manual recording and reporting

Earthlings Early Years encountered several challenges that affected both parents and staff alike. The lack of sufficient context and insights into their child’s daily experiences led to confusion for parents. The process of information dissemination and team coordination proved to be time-consuming and prone to errors, causing inefficiencies in daily operations. Moreover, the burden of managing a high volume of physical records was labor-consuming which made tracking any information difficult.


Solution #1

Fully Informed Parents with one single information source

Solution #2

Digitized and Scalable Operations with everyone on the same platform

Solution #3

Digital records that are easy to access & maintain

With Illumine, teachers were able to share real-time updates on food, meals, and nap with a click of a button. Additionally, all their operations could now be tracked from a single screen – from announcements to events, holidays, and daily updates. Given that all the records were digitally accessible on a single platform, Ms. Lakshmi and her team were well-informed about everything happening at the center – this eventually brought overall efficiency to the system.


"Parents simply love Illumine! This platform has been a game-changer, allowing us to keep parents constantly informed about their child's meals, quantity, toileting, and all other school activities. Thanks to Illumine, transparency and visibility are at an all-time high, giving parents invaluable insights into their child's day-to-day experiences."
Lakshmi Ramohan
Co-founder, Early Earthlings


Result #1

82% Increase in parent satisfaction

Result #2

1400$ saved annually

Result #3

70+ hours saved per week

Illumine’s seamless integration of communication, operations, and curriculum documentation empowered Early Earthlings to create a nurturing environment where parents are actively involved and children’s learning journeys are enriched. Online attendance tracking, streamlined invoicing and payments, and automated student reports brought efficiency to Earthlings’ overall operations. With a digitized system, teachers could effortlessly capture activities and efficiently search through vast data in a matter of seconds.

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