Permission & Roles in Illumine

Permission & Roles in Illumine

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School owners want to define each staff roles & permissions so that they can easily access the required feature and avoid accessing irrelevant information.

Illumine has developed an access control system which allows customizing permission for each user. For example, teachers don’t need access to Finance & Staff management so this can be achieved using excluding teachers from having this permission.

Illumine has predefined roles and permissions for each user. Each role can be combined with a different set of permissions. You can also create your own custom roles and assign permissions.

Let’s get started with step by step guide on how to create, assign, edit roles and permissions.

Illumine Web Version

Step 1: Login to Illumine Web Portal with the admin account using https://admin.illumine.app

Step 2: You will be able to find the Access Control System under sidebar menu as last option. If you are not able to find this option it means you are not the super admin or do not have permission to change permission/roles. For support on such cases, reach out to school administration or Illumine team on info@illumine.app.

Step 3: Once you click on the Access Control System, you will see a page with a list of options of roles and permission list for that role.

You will also see an option “+” to add a new role.

Step 4: Click on the “+” and provide the name of the new role like ‘Teacher’, ‘Helper’, ‘Director’ etc. You can also select an existing role and edit the same.

Step 5: Now select that feature for which you want to set the permission i.e. Student Management.

Step 6: Select the permissions from the list which you want to assign to the selected role. If you do not want to assign certain permissions like ‘delete student’, uncheck ‘delete’ permission from the list.

Step 7: Once you have changed the permission for a feature, don’t forget to save it. Once you have saved, it will reflect the permission changes.

Step 8: If you have created a new role, now it is the time to assign to a user. Go to ‘Staff’ on the left sidebar navigation and select the staff for whom you want to change the role. Select the new role from ‘Role’ dropdown. That’s it! The new role will be applied for that user or staff.

Illumine Mobile App #

If you are using the Illumine app, then you can go to settings from the side menu on the top bar. In the settings menu, you can find ‘Permissions’. Under that, you can change permission for an existing role and add a new role using the ‘Add Role’ option.

If you need further help with permissions & roles, reach out to us at info@illumine.app.

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