Live stream

Illumine’s live streaming feature lets parents into the classrooms of their kids and allows them to see their kids involved in activities at the school. This feature helps you establish a relationship of trust and reliability. You can also charge parents for this feature separately. 

  • Go to profile and then go to settings
  • Scroll down and you will find a section called live streaming configuration. Click on the assign camera option in that section.
  • Select the camera and select which classroom it is assigned to. Once done, click on add.
  • On the teacher app of Illumine, go to more and then click on live streaming. You can watch the stream of classrooms here. Similarly for parents, on the parent app under profile, they will find the live streaming option there. They can watch the live stream directly from there.
  • In order to disable the camera activity for students who are absent, go to miscellaneous settings and select the hidden camera for absent students checkbox. Then click on save. Parents of students who are absent on a particular day will no longer be able to watch the live stream from classrooms. 

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