Getting Started with Illumine for Parents

Getting Started with Illumine for Parents

We’re excited to welcome you to Illumine! Illumine is the easiest to use the software in early education. The details below explain the steps to getting started.

How to download Illumine App #

For Web/Laptop

 Go to this URL and bookmark it for future reference.

For Android Phone & Tablet

Go to Play Store  and search Illumine or open this URL on mobile:   

For Apple devices – 

Search for Illumine for Parents or open this URL on mobile

How to login on Illumine #

All registered parents can log in on Illumine using their registered phone number.

Login with Phone number & One time password

Step 1: Select Login to Illumine

Step 2: Select Login with Phone number 

Step 3: Select the correct country and enter the phone number registered with the school without ‘0’ or country code prefix. You would receive a One Time Password (OTP) on the provided number.

Step 4: Enter the OTP you have received and it will log you in.


Login with Email & Password

Step1: Select Login to Illumine

Step2: Select Login with Email

Step3: Enter the registered email address

Step4: Enter the password received in the invitation email. If you are not able to find the invitation email, you can also use the reset password option to receive a new password to login.


Login with Magic Email Link

Step1: Select Login using Magic Link option on the app

Step2: Enter the email on which you will receive a login link and click Request Link.

Step3: You will get an email with the link to Sign In. Click on it and it will open the Illumine App and will ask you to confirm the email address again. Enter the email and click submit. You will be logged in if you are registered. This email link is valid only for one time, for next time you have to request it again.


If the account is already registered, you will see the Home page. If the account is not created, do not use the Signup option as it will create a new School. Ask your centre head or Admin team to help you. 

If your account is not registered, you will see an error message, “ACCOUNT_DOES_NOT_EXIST”.

If you have multiple phone numbers, please try with the number provided to the school.

If you are not able to receive OTP or blocked due to multiple frequent attempts, please contact us at

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