Easy and effective communication through Illumine for Parents

Easy and effective communication through Illumine for Parents

How you can make communication easier with schools and teachers through Illumine? #

Communication plays a very important role in schools and education. Parents are always filled with so many questions and concerns regarding their children, development, learnings, etc.

With both parents working providing them with the right kind of solution and software will make parents and teachers/school life easier to have effective and easy communication where parents won’t have the rush to go back home and check the diaries and keep waiting for updates from school and teachers.

Through Illumine parents can effectively communicate at any point in time and get updates and replies from the concerned person. The Connect tab will help you to communicate with school and stakeholders and is divided into 5 groups ( Chat, Concerns, Leaves, Teachers Notes, etc.)

Step 1 – Login by entering your phone number and OTP

Step 2: You will come now to home page, select connect from the given bottom tabs

Step 3: You will now come to queries page where you will see pending approvals, message and tasks

Pending Approvals : These will highlight the concerns , teachers notes , leaves applied or appointments taken that you have already shared with school/ teacher and not yet received any replies or approvals on the same.

Message: You can send a message/chat with school stakeholders, unlike WhatsApp you won’t be able to view any school admin, teacher information, and vice versa. You will get to know if teacher/admin has viewed the message sent by getting blue ticks.

Tasks: This section is divided into 4 parts, through tasks you can submit Concerns related to your children.

Step 1: Click on concerns, it will bring you to report Concern Page. Now click on +New Concern to add any concerns regarding your child.

You can now report a new concern to Owner, Admin, or Teacher by selecting options from the drop-down button and mention the issues you are facing in the Issue section and submit the concern by clicking the bottom card.

You can view your resolved and pending concerns, comments, resolution by the teacher, and date of application of concerns as well in the Report concern page. You can also reopen the concern if you are not happy with the school’s response.

Step 2: You can now apply for leaves by clicking on Leaves card under Tasks.

Once you click on Leaves it will take you to page where you can click on +Apply Leave it will take you to New Leave Request, now you can click on Dates and the calendar will open and you can choose dates and mention the reason of the leave.

School will get an option to approve or deny the leave request sent by you.

You can view all your pending and approved leaves, comments, resolution, and applied dates on the Leave page.

Step 3: You can send notes to teachers regarding food, medicine, and pick up and drop by clicking on Teacher Notes card. When you click on the card it will take you to your child notes, you can click on + New Notes, create new ones, select type by selecting options from dropdown, fill out details, add additional comments in the note section.

If you want the teacher to follow the same food and medicine related notes for a particular time, you can select the time frame by clicking on Repeat frequency. You can choose dates from the calendar and this will help you not to send the same notes every day and you can include Saturdays as well and don’t forget to click on Done.

If you want to share any prescription or any notes from doctors you can attach the same by clicking on attachments and adding a photo, video or a PDF file.

Click on create note and the same will be sent to the admins and teachers.

Now communicating with your school teachers regarding the children is right on your fingertips. With Illumine communicating has become much easier, faster, and effective. Use all these features today and stay calm and get all details right on your phone.

And dont forget Keep Illuminating!!

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