Daily Schedule, Events and Holidays

Daily Schedule, Events and Holidays

Schools /Preschools have a preplanned calendar and keep an organized academic year. The information of all these is given in a printed sheet for parent’s reference.

Parents lose out on that information and school have to send the information again in dairy notes and answer their calendar queries.

With a daily schedule, parents can see in the application how their child’s day looks like and keep a track and notification on school events and holidays.

Follow the steps below to know how to do the same.

Daily Schedule #

The daily schedule helps the school to update the student’s schedule and parents can view how their child’s day looks like and the activities which will be done in school.

Step 1: Click on the menu button and then click on schedule

Step 2: Choose the classroom on the top centre of the screen by clicking on the arrow

Step 3: In the calendar view below the classroom don’t forget to select the date  

Step 4: To add the schedule, click on Add schedule Item

Step 5: Fill in the information, choose the type whether its food, learning, nap, or outdoor activities. Fill in the description, you can add your food menu also here. Select the time. You can choose to either apply to all classrooms and repeat for the rest of the week.

Step 6: Save the details and now you can fill as many schedules as you want.

Once added parents can also vire the schdeule on the home screen as well as in childs profile.

Bulk upload #

You can bulk upload the Daily Schedule from Illumine Web portal. We have support for the following three formats of the menu of support. You can select any format based on how you have defined your menu

  • Single Day: When you have same food menu for every day and want to upload it for a week/month/year.
BreakfastLunchEvening Snacks
Idli & MilkPizza Pancake & Juice
  • Multiple Day: When you have the same menu for a specific day in a week and want to upload it for a week, month or year
DayBreakfastLunchEvening Snacks
MondayIdliCarrot ParathaPancake
WednesdayDosaSpaghetti Vada
ThursdayEgg Omelette Roti & SabjiSooji Halwa
FridayUpmaPoori SabjiCustard
  • Specific Date Range: When you have unique many Food menus every day and want to upload it for a date range.
DateBreakfastLunchEvening Snacks
01-07-2018IdliCarrot ParathaPancake
03-07-2018DosaSpaghetti Vada
04-07-2018Egg Omelette Roti & SabjiSooji Halwa
05-07-2018UpmaPoori SabjiCustard

Step 1: Sign in from web portal https://admin.illumine.app/

Step 2: Click on the profile on top left of the screen next to bell button.

Step 3: Click on onboarding from the given options

Step 4: Click on schedule and onboarding dropzone page will open, now click on Download Format, fill in the details. You can use Microsoft Excel or Sheets to fill this.

Step 5: Once information is filled you can save the file as a CSV. file

Step 6: Now go back to the onboarding page and Drop or Browse file here to upload and select the saved file from the desktop

Step 7: Once the file added click on Save on the top left of the screen.

Step 8: Add additional details like Single day,Multiple Day or Specific date range.

Single Day: This option will help you to upload a single day schedule, you can choose the date from the given option and if you wish to repeat the same schedule for 1 week,15 days or 30 days and you can select the same from the given options.

Multiple Day: This option will help you to schedule a weekly plan, where you can add a different schedule for different days(e.g. Monday, Tuesday) and can repeat the same schedule for other weeks too by selecting the date range in the option given.

Specific day: This option will help you to upload schedule which is date wise, keeping the school calendar in mind where the different schedule is there on different dates, also you won’t get the option to repeat the schedule here as date wise onboarding will be done.

To upload schedule for a single day, make sure that all the fields are filled, except week day & date.

To upload schedule for a multiple day, make sure that all the fields are filled, excluding date.

To upload schedule for a specific date range, make sure that all the fields are filled, including date in (YYYY[-]MM[-]DD) format.

Step 9: Once all information added click on submit and now your schedule is updated.

Events #

This feature is available in calendar tab, you can send event invitation to parents like parent’s day invite, graduation days or if you are doing inhouse school events like Christmas celebrations, Diwali celebrations and send updates those can be done too through events feature in Illumine

Step 1: Click on Calendar and select Events card

Step 2: Click on Add event, and now Create event page will open you can fill in event details and upload event banner as well

Step 3: You can choose classrooms as well, if the event is created only for one classroom only those classroom parents will get notified about the event.

Step 4: When you click on send notification to parents, event notification will be sent to the event

Step 5: Don’t forget to click on Save.

Your event is created

Step 6: Once the event is done, the photos can be uploaded on the same link. You can click on Add Event photos and add up to 100 photos at one time. To edit about the event, click on the grey pen on the top left of the event details and you can now edit the event or delete as well

Parents will get the photo updates and can like/comment or download the photos.

Holidays #

Instead of sending a holiday calendar print out or mentioning in the dairy, the holiday list can be shared with parents through Holidays feature in Illumine.

Step 1: Click on holidays in the calendar tab

Step 2: Click on Add Holiday on top left of the screen under Holiday tab

Step 3: Fill in the details holiday name, for holiday dates a calendar view will open where you can put the start and end dates of holiday/s

Step 4: Select the classroom and click on Create Holiday

Step 5: You can now view holiday/s and you can filter the same by selecting class as well

Bulk upload:

You can bulk upload the Holiday/s the same way you uploaded your schedule, follow the same steps to do bulk uploading of holiday/s

Parent reminder:

Parents will now get the notification card on the home page and can set up event reminder as well.

Make use of these features and send these updates to parents which will help them keep this information on their fingertips.

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