Daily Reports for Childcare

Daily Reports for Childcare

Don’t want to send parents individual updates? Through daily reporting, you can design your structure/template of activities and share all activities in one go.

Let’s find out how to do the same.

First Create Daily reports template:

Step 1: Click on settings from menu button.

Step 2: Click on Daily Reports Templates.

Step 3: Select the classroom and click on Add Activity card.

Step 4: Choose the activity from given options. Like Nap,Food,Diaper etc.

Step 5: You can select the time and add more activity. Once your activities and template is created, don’t forget to click and Save Template, your Daily reporting is ready to use.

Step 6: Click on home page , and select Daily reports you can now view your template that you created there.

Step 7: You can now click on one activity out of all and it will take you to that activity page and now click on Add Entry.

Step 8: You can now fill the information and select students and add photos as well. Once done you can save the report, Once you save reports you will get an option to send reports to parents. You can either send the update or go back and fill in other activity details.

Step 9: Once all is filled you can click on send report to parents.

Step 10: Now all the activities reports are sent to parents once. No sending individual updates.

Daily reports make parent communication uniform and save time every day for teachers. So time to get rid of paper-based daily reports and start using Illumine Daily Reports

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