Customizing your school requirements with the help of our Settings Feature!

Customizing your school requirements with the help of our Settings Feature!

At Illumine we understand the need of the schools and the importance to customise the application according to their needs and curriculum followed by them.

With the help of settings feature you can now design the application according to your needs and usage. Find out the below features in setting tab and its importance.

Step 1: Click on Menu button on home page and select settings.

Step 2: School settings page will open up and different features cards will be seen in the same page.

Activity List – This will help you to enable disable activities from the list of activities provided in the application. You can choose the activities you want and disable that you dont wish to choose.

Classrooms: By clicking on this card you can create your classrooms by clicking on Create classroom, fill in the class name, and you are done. You can also Delete the classrooms, you can only delete these classrooms which doesn’t have any students

You can change classrooms with signing in your account from web portal,

Step 1: Open https://admin.illumine.app/ on your laptop and log in with registered email or phone number.

Step 2: Click on menu button and select studnets under my school option.

Step 3: You can now view all students and click on three dots option next to add students, click on that a list of options will open and now you can click on change classroom you filter classroom and select all students and click on submit and now you can select the classroom where you want to update the students.

Groups: You can now create groups as well, for eg if you want to create football, music, swimming groups.

Step 1: Click on group card and click on New Group and add groups name.

Step 2: Once the group is created now you can assign students to those groups by clicking on assign students. You can select the classroom and add students and click on save.

You can delete the the group by clicking – under Assign students.

Saved Values: This card will help you add milestones/ development area for different activities based on your curriculum.

Step 1: Click on Saved Values and then you will land in Configure saved values.

Step 2: You can now click on select values and now you can view all activities

Step 3: Click on one activity and now click Add Value, now you can add milestones/ development areas here and then click on save. Your milestone will be saved.

When you now click on activity updates you can view the same milestones under saved messages. You can use this to configure EYFS based curriculum milestones.

Invite Parents – Through this card, you can view which parents have downloaded the application. You can also send email invitations to the parents who haven’t installed the application with one click.

Step 1: Click on Invite parents, you can now see the Installation report

Step 2: You can send emails to parents who have not installed the application by clicking on Send Email Invite on the top left of the screen.

Unapproved activities: You can see all unapproved post here and can approve if its not.

Miscellaneous Settings: This will help you decide the features you want to enable and other settings. You can customize your school setting using the features in Miscellaneous Settings.

To learn more about on the usage of these settings click on the link below.

Admission Form: Illumine allows you to capture any information of student and their parents. You can customise your admission form by using this feature and add additional field to record them.

Step 1: Click on Admission Form and then add value.

Step 2: You can now add field and mention the same to be filled by parent or child, if you want it to be mandatorily filled by parents click on Mandatory.

This will be added in your admission form which will appear on child’s profile.

Parents Handbook: You can upload your school brochure, parent’s handbook here for parents to view. You don’t have to now print brochures and give to parents.

Activity History: You can view activities updates sent to parents on monthly basis. You can filter classrooms and the month as well.

CCTV Live streaming: Here you can view all your live streaming cameras of your school.

Medical Log Form: You can add fields here which need to be added in your Medical log inactivity list. Eg: Temperature, Cold, Cough, Sanitisation updates to parents.

Step 1: Click on Medical form and then click on add value.

Step 2: Add field name, type to be selected among text number, yes or no check box and date.

Step 3: If you want any field to be filled mandatory click on that checkbox and click on save.

The field will be added in your Medical Log form, you can edit the form or delete by clicking on grey pencil against the field

Enable/Disable Comments: You can now have a predefined Enable comment in activities. You dont have to mention or click on Enable comments while updating the activities. once you choose in this tab Enable comments will automatically get selected in those activities and parents can view and comment on those activities.

Click on Enable & Disable activities and select the activities where you want to Enable comments to be set by default and click on save.

Teacher Docs & Admin Docs: You can upload all teacher’s documents here, click on upload and choose among images or Documents.

Daily Reporting: This feature will help you set up predefined activities/ timetable on a daily basis. Through this, you don’t have to go to activities and send separate updates. You can set up activities and send them all together.

To know more about daily reporting click on the link below.

Use the settings feature and customise the application how you want it.

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