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Sending a monthly newsletter to parents is the protocol every school follows, the newsletter is made on a word doc and taken print outs and shares with parents.

You can now digitize your newsletter in Illumine and share it with the parents in the application and emails as well. You can now go paper-free and contactless information sharing with parents and teachers.

Read the below steps to find out how.

Step 1: Sign in from your registered mobile number or phone number

Step 2: Your school dashboard page will open and now you can click on Newsletter and click on Draft

Draft your Newsletter

Step 4: You can now see two options your Draft and Templates when you click on draft you can now view all the old newsletters created by you.

Step 5: If you wish to create a new newsletter click on Create Newsletter and you can select from existing templates or drag and drop editor and click to continue

If you select Drag and Drop Editor, a template will open where you can mention the heading, change color, text font, size, alignment, links, etc.

You can add subheadings and change, edit, delete the subheading as well by clicking on it, and getting options on the right side of the screen or under the heading or subheadings.

Step 6: You will get options like content, blocks, and body on the extreme right of the screen placed vertically.

When you choose body and click on the template you will get options mentioned below.

Columns: You can add columns if you want to add those select column and drag it to the place you want to add in the template.

You can choose the column type when you see the left side of your screen after dragging the column and choose the other properties like background color, adding images, separate properties can be given to separate columns as well. You can see all these options on your right side of the screen.

You can also choose the newsletter type to be sent on desktop or mobile, the one you choose the measurement of the newsletter will change automatically and you can design accordingly

Button: you can use this feature for any kind of URL addition in the newsletter.You can choose the action type like URL, mention email id, phone number etc. Parents can just click on the button and perform the above action mentioned in the newsletter.

You can also edit its properties like color, text, background color, alignment, etc which appear on the left side of the screen.

You can similarly add Divider, to divide the topics or for underlining sub topics

Add HTML video files, images, menu bar button and text for writing the newsletter. Properties will appear on the left side of the screen which can be changed according to how you want.

Blocks Button: This will help you choose columns and if any content, picture, or any other options from content needs to be added, you can click on the content page and drag it in blocks and add the option required.

Body: With the help of the features you can select properties for the whole newsletter. fonts, size and link fonts as well.

If you would like to get it reviewed yo can now click on Save as draft placed on the top left of the screen.

How to send Newsletter :

Step 1: Click on Send Newsletter on extreme left on top of Newsletter design.

Step 2: Save the newsletter by giving it a name

Step 3: Select Classroom, you can select one or all classrooms and submit

Step 4: Now your newsletter is shared on application as well as parents registered email id.

Once the Newsletter is sent you cannot edit the same for your next us.

Sent Newsletter:

You can now see your sent newsletters by clicking on the menu button, click on the newsletter and click on sent option under newsletter.

You can now see all the newsletter sent , to which classes against the newsletters

Templates: You can create your own templates similarly like newsletters and save it so that you can use the same and send it to the parents.

Click on Newsletter from the menu button and click on Drafts, you can now see the Template option next to the draft.

Click on the Template option and create your templates and save it, this can be used whenever you want.

Design your own newsletters and save your templates and share it with parents. Saving templates will help you save time and start from scratch by creating new design every-time.

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