Bus Tracking with Illumine

Bus Tracking with Illumine

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If you are using another software to use bus tracking, now it’s time to move them to Illumine. Illumine provides real-time GPS based Bus tracking without any additional GPS tracker. It also provides features to Mark Attendance on the Bus and sends a notification to parents.

Lets see how.

Step 1: Click on menu bar on homepage

Step 2: Click on Bus Tracking option

Step 3: You will now come to the Route List page. Here you can add all pickup & drop routes along with Vehicle & driver details. You can also add a helper on the route and his/her details will be visible to parents in case if they want to reach out to you.

Step 4: To add a route now click on +New route.

Step 5: Fill In all the details in Add/Edit Route like pickup or drop, fill in address details, add helper and driver number, Vehicle name, and number. Location is for the destination, you can set school location for pickup trip and last drop point for the drop location

Step 6: Click on assign student +Add students select the classroom and students. Once the student is added now you can save the Pickup/Drop location of the child, You can also mention the Pickup/Drop time of the student. You can also add any authorized person who will pick up the child and click on Save

Step 7: You can also Configure the school address by click on the 3 dots button on the top left and save the address. This will help you to show the school on the map

Step 8: Once all information is added the page is account is ready to use by the driver.

The driver can log in from a registered phone number or email id. The driver will only be able to view the route page allotted to him and no other information

Step 9: The driver can click on Drive and click on start trip

Step 10: He can now see the student list to be onboarded on that bus. He can either Select Picked up once the student onboards the bus or mark absent if the child has been absent at school. He can also use the filter and see the students who have been picked up or pending or absent by clicking on the arrow button down.

Step 11: Once the driver picks up all the child at his location he can stop the trip.

Driver can follow the same steps for drooping off the students.

The same information can viewed by the admin through their bus tracking feature as well.

Parents View #

The parent will receive the notification once the child is onboarded. Parents can now track the bus on Live GPS tracking. Let us know parents can do that.

Step 1: Click on profile from the given options on the bottom of the screen

Step 2: Profile page will open up and click on bus tracking option

Step 3: You can choose the route by clicking on select route options.

Step 4: You can now view the Live GPS, profile of the driver and contact details and arrival time as well

Step 5: If you wish to call you can press the call button next to the driver’s profile and you can now call the helper directly.

Illumine believes in making operations and communication easy for schools and parents. With bus tracking features Illumine make sit easy for parents now to sit back without any worry and track their child sitting at home and one click away.

Dont forget Keep Illuminating!

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