Bubble Blue

Bubble Blue,Kolkata

Parents love that staff can email, send a text, send updates.Illumine's multi-site option saves us time and makes it super easy to switch between our four sites. It brings a level of professionalism for our preschool & daycare and helped save us lot of money.If you’re looking for a childcare management system, look no further than Illumine so simple and easy to use. They have amazing tech support as well. Anytime we email or call, Illumine is there for u.

GLO Preschool

Glo Preschool,Tezpur

Life Before Illumine
We were in lookout for a better app than what we were using previously
Life After Illumine
We really like your super quick response time and the regular upgrade.
Most Loved Feature
I really like the icons and the how the app is customized to the the needs of our school.
About Glo Schools
We are creating a premium brand of preschools in the northeast to provide excellent and future relevant education..

Joey Preschool

Kid World Preschool,Bangalore

We use Illumine every day for our parents and also to show potential clients the technology that we have to connect and update them with their little ones growth and progress.
Being able to see updates, notes and pictures of their child every day in one app not only saves teachers and parents time at drop off and pickup, but it keeps them connected with the school and more importantly their child. We were able to build a tighter, stronger community with our families through illumine.

Leap Years

Leap Years, Kolkata

The switch from our earlier app to illumine was seamless. The team onboarded our data iin matter of two days and we were up and running. Parents are super happy with the picture quality and the experience. .The fact that illumine is so easy to use with the least amount of channels/menus to go through makes it fast, easy, and intuitive. Even our mature non-tech savvy staff is able to use this app with ease. Illumine won hands down and we couldn’t be happier. Bonus – The simple fact that illumine appreciates feedback and is growing and adjusting their platforms to accommodate us is amazing.

Primary Colours

Primary Colours,Kolkata

I have been using Illumine for last two years and would higlly recommend it to all pre-schools. All the parents are thrilled about this app . It really makes our life as facilitators more easy. Earlier we used to use Whatsapp and managing communication was a nightmare. Now communication mainly goes through Illumine now. It’s so nice to have it in one place! Parents love being able to have quick access to any photos and daily reports about our day here! Illumine has made life easier and more streamlined for all of us

fafe hands school

Safe Hands,Jaipur

Great application for all pre school and daycare center. We have started using the same and highly appreciate the hard work of Illumine team for creating such a nice app We ran demos and piloted four different leading child care management apps to choose from, and in the end there was NO contest with Illumine. It is easy to use and more intelligently designed.