How Kids Kingdom Thailand Witnessed a 2.5X Surge in Admissions


Ruamrudee, Sukhumvit 47
Bright Seeds in Chiang Mai (Sister School)

120 students per branch (Ruamrudee, Sukhumvit 47); 100 students at Bright Seeds in Chiang Mai

IPC Curriculum-based 

  • Streamlined operations, fostering consistency across all branches
  • Over 15+ hours saved weekly
  • 2.5x increase in enrolment rates

Kids Kingdom Story

Kids Kingdom, a renowned preschool brand with 3 branches in Bangkok, Thailand, has been dedicated to providing holistic education through the IPC curriculum for over 14 years.In their quest to streamline operations in each center, and improve overall parent engagement, they partnered with Illumine – and it’s been a transformative experience!


Challenge #1

Scattered & Disconnected Student Information

Challenge #2

Manual Administrative Paperwork

Challenge #3

  Disjoint Enquiry to Admission Process

Kids Kingdom grappled with various operational challenges –  be it a scattered student database that was maintained by various individuals but not centrally accessible, or the fully manual management of students’ billing, or the disconnected flow of student information from inquiry to admission and beyond The need for an integrated student information system was clear, and missing piece of consistent parental engagement needed addressing. That’s when Kids Kingdom chose Illumine for their centers.


Solution #1

Centralized Student Records that are easily accessible

Solution #2

Automated Billing for easy Fee Collection

Solution #3

A CRM solution to expedited enrollment procedures

With Illumine, Kids Kingdom manages all its centers from a single place, bringing all the records and communication from all branches to a central place. This resulted in uniformity and streamlined processes throughout the organization. Illumine’s billing software proved instrumental in automating transaction handling and invoicing, eliminating manual processes, and reducing errors. The Lead CRM module helped smoothen the entire journey from admission inquiry to enrollment.

“Before having an app like Illumine, everything was scattered. With Illumine everybody is on the same page. So they could click on a student and would know exactly how old that child is, is that child is present at school or not, what allergies the child has, or what time is the child going to be picked up.”
Dr. Lek
Director of Kids Kingdom


Result #1

Personalized Student Care with accessible & connected student records

Result #2

Over 15+ man-hours saved weekly

Result #3

2.5x increase in enrollment rates,(all available admission seats are filled before time – can come somewhere in the final para)

Illumine’s centralized platform streamlined operations, ensuring. The implementation of Illumine’s billing module saves over 15+ manhours per week, reducing administrative tasks significantly. Additionally, the integration of Illumine’s CRM solution helped them convert more inquiries, filling up all their seats before the admissions window closed. The app simplified admissions, student records, and parental engagement, cutting down manual work and paperwork. Illumine’s user-friendly interface received praise from both teachers and parents, facilitating instant uploads of videos and photos, fostering a strong sense of community and parental involvement.

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