A Classdojo alternative that’s
Faster, Better, and reliable

Illumine’s next-generation childcare software centralizes all operations on a single platform to help your centers succeed and improve parent experience.

Everything you need for a smooth administration and more!

Illumine is designed to help school owners keep tabs on all their operations, while providing the parents, teachers, and kids with an experience they’d enjoy through and through.

Boost efficiency

With all the processes like attendance, leaves, and billing digitized, your staff will be free of paperwork and would be able to focus more the kids and their learning journey.

3 hours

Saved per day

Help parents stay connected

Illumine lets you share real-time images, videos, and activity updates of the kids to parents with just a click of button. Parent communication has never been easier!


Happy parents

Increase Enrolments

Track your leads, get follow-up reminders, and manage your leads efficiently. Your key to turning prospects into customers.


Increase in admissions

Your complete preschool & childcare software

Manage all your childcare operations from one place! 

Your school deserves more than just a parent communication app

With Illumine, you can keep parents engaged while doing so much more!

Manage your school, not just the class

Illumine lets you take your of your entire school’s administration. From student and staff leaves, digital attendance, and a lead management system, it brings your school’s management to your fingertips.

Reports that help your staff be better at their job

Get access to detailed, enriched student progress reports. With these reports, teachers can assess a child’s learning journey and help parents stay updated with the same.

Your finances in your control

Send automated invoices, easily generate payment receipts, and digitize your billing process while saving a lot more money and time.

All your leads managed from one place

Save costs and manage family data for new leads in one place with our online admission software

Leads dashboard and reports

Understand your lead pipeline better by managing it using the online registration software. Get information on a lead’s source, status, and upcoming follow-ups

Track source of your leads

Know the channels bringing you the most opportunities and determine which lead sources are most valuable to your business.Learn how and where parents hear about your childcare.

Manage tasks and leads activities

Every action performed by your leads as well as your sales team is logged in the system. you can intervene if a lead has been sitting untouched in the system for a long time

Why Illumine

With our all-in-one solution for lead, expense, online registration forms and multicenter management, you’ll be acquiring and retaining new families and enabling your staff to be the best educators.

A complete childcare management platform

Illumine’s offers Customisations, Integrations and provide APIs while Classdojo does not do any customizations. While Classdojo is good for classroom management it is no where close to being a childcare management platform.

No hidden pricing

You get all the features offered in Illumine at no add-on costs. Classdojo has a limited free model and even the paid model does not offer features like billing and assessment

Award winning childcare app

Illumine is an award-winning childcare management platform loved by over a thousand preschools and daycares. It has won best preschool and childcare platform in G2 and Capterra.

Training and onboarding

We handle all the onboarding and conduct multiple training sessions for all your staff. We make sure they understand the system and its functioning thoroughly.

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Get more features with Illumine

You get access to the complete suite of Illumine’s customizable features for a single monthly fee, so you can get back to caring for children while we take care of your business.

Classdojo VS Illumine

Illumine in the spotlight

Our Childcare software is used by over 500 schools across the world. The childcare app is available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux in multiple languages

Our clients speak

Over 1000 five starts reviews across G2, Capterra, Software Advice, Playstore and Appstore

Join thousands of schools

Make Illumine your own. Customise plans as per your requirements.

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