Simplifying attendance tracking at your daycare center

The commotion of parents racing to drop off or pick up their children on time punctuates days at any childcare center. Staff members often need to be rushing from one place to another ensuring parents have the roster sheets they require. There’s a lot of paperwork and a lot of chaos going around while children are being picked up or dropped off at their daycares.

As challenging as it might sound, childcare attendance is crucial for a number of reasons. And thanks to technology, there are ways to make it easier and much more efficient. Illumine’s attendance tracking app is one such system that could revolutionise the way you mark attendance at your centers.

Although licensing requirements differ from state to state, most of them require attendance to be recorded efficiently. Secondly, several government programs offer subsidized care for children. In this case, it becomes mandatory for centers to keep accurate records as they enable parents to file claims, giving proof of their child being admitted to a preschool or daycare.


For enrollment and marketing purposes, having a clear picture of how many children are in your care on a season-by-season basis is critical. Attendance records allow caregivers to determine which hours and programs are the most preferred, and which should be reduced or well advertised to enhance enrolment.

As it goes without saying, recording attendance is necessary for ensuring the safety of the kids as well. An efficient attendance tracking system provides peace of mind to both parents and staff and also streamlines pick-ups and drop-offs for each kid at the school.

How can you streamline your attendance process?

Illumine’s digital attendance app provides you with the tools you need to make attendance tracking contactless and foolproof at your center. Forget about paper-laden registers, and manually checking in and checking out every kid on the sheets. With Illumine, you can revolutionise the way you record attendance at your center like never before. Let’s see how.

Contactless attendance

The attendance app digitizes the attendance marking of both students and staff for the centers. They can check-in by scanning the QR code at the school using the QR code scanner in the app, or by entering their kiosk codes, and even by manual entries. The platform also gives teachers an option to record student temperature while they check in to ensure safety and avoid the spread of any infection under the new circumstances.

Pick up and drop off authorization

Illumine allows parents to designate guardians for pick-ups and drop-off of their children. With the attendance app, parents can add information such as who can pick up their kids from the school, how are they related to their kids, and the person’s contact details. This ensures peace of mind for both parents and staff, knowing the kids are in safe and trusted hands.

Attendance reports

The platform automatically logs and updates all sign-out and sign-in records in real-time. Therefore, school owners can access digital attendance reports and live-student teacher ratio of their center at any point in time. All the information is accessible to you at the admin dashboard.

Hour-based billing

Illumine gives you an option to create your own fee templates. This enables you to charge parents on an hourly-basis and keep things simple at your center. Illumine’s billing app makes charging parents a breeze for you. Create individual templates for parents following a different payment system, and charge them accordingly with the platform.

Late check-in records

Since the check-in and check-out timing of both students and staff is automatically being recorded, you can easily track the late check-ins. Additionally, there is a ‘late check-in’ label added in the digital attendance sheet next to anyone’s name who checks in late. This enables you to monitor student and teacher activity efficiently, while also helping you to make payments to the staff accordingly.

Configure medical forms

Medical forms can be customized and configured by schools for parents to record temperature, for medical declarations or for any food or medicines related requests, and to register any food allergies or food-specific demands. This direct access to information about each child on the attendance app makes it easier for teachers to keep track of each child’s needs.


Tips for efficient attendance tracking

Make your sign-sheets simpler and accessible

A little bit of redefining can never hurt. Review your current attendance sheets properly, if you figure they’re too disorganised or maybe too old school – it’s time you redesigned them for a cleaner look, making them simpler to use.

Make sure there is an ample amount of space for all the details to be filled in properly, and it doesn’t end up looking cluttered in the end.

Take into consideration all the elements of an attendance sheet – from check-in check out time space, parent’s signatures, to pick up and drop off times. Realign them in a way that the process moves forward smoothly and swiftly.

Alternatively, you can also digitize the attendance sheet with Illumine’s attendance app, exactly what we talked about earlier. This will not just save you time, but also streamline your attendance process, making data available to you whenever you want in a clean, comprehensive format.

Always be a step ahead

Prepare a folder with fresh sign-in sheets and keep at the check-in location so you can quickly access and replace any that are full. Also, make certain that any new children are included to the attendance list prior to their first day of school. Doing this would not just help you be prepared but would help to cut down on wait times while checking students in.

In order to stay on top of your attendance tracking process, it is important that you prepare in advance. Adding new students to the database and collecting details of their parents are just some examples of steps one needs to take to be prepared.

Having a childcare management app deployed at your school will ensure that this entire process is hassle-free and fast-paced. With such systems by your side, there’s no need to go through the trouble of transferring data to different papers or databases.

Be accurate

Incorrect entries could cause you a lot of trouble in the future, especially during audit times. In order to avoid any human error, you can install a digital clock and calendar. This would mean the parents or staff are filling in the date and time accurately.

You could make the entire process foolproof with the help of an attendance app. Digital sign-in sheets would mean that parents are not being faulty in terms of where they sign, or fill in the details. It would also make attendance a contactless process, ensuring safety of everyone involved.

Establishing a reviewing process

If you are following a manual attendance system, make sure teachers review all the entries thoroughly at the end of the day. Correcting the error initially is much easier, compared to detecting and fixing them days later. It would also help you fasten your entire process and keep things flowing smoothly.

childcare app automates the process of filling in details such as time and date for each child. The information is stored in a cloud-based database and could be accessed for you to review anytime you want. This could especially prove helpful when billing parents, as all the information you need is stored and filed correctly in the ap

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