Preschool management software and its benefits

With the world advancing technologically, everything has become fast-paced and accessible today. To keep up with the competition and stay ahead of the curve, businesses need to adapt themselves to provide solutions that are in line with people’s expectations.

Technology helps you bring your business to that bar. Every industry in today’s time has found a use for technological solutions in their system and has incorporated them wherever found necessary. The same goes for daycares and preschools around the world.

Such solutions can help you grow your childcare business on multiple fronts. While bringing more efficiency in all your processes, a child care management platform will also help you reduce the time and cost spent on getting things done.

Let’s take a look at how deploying preschool management software at your center can benefit your business.

Saving time and money by going digital

On an everyday basis, your staff and even you are engaged in handling and managing a lot of paperwork. When all the processes at your center are being taken care of manually it tends to consume a lot of time, money, and resources and often lowers productivity. Tasks such as filling out forms, printing invoices, and receipts, and signing attendance sheets are just some examples of processes that are highly labor and time-consuming.

Deploying a management system would mean making all your processes digital. With the tasks being automated and digitized, you will be able to enhance productivity at your center while reducing costs.

How can Illumine help?

The platform offers you a holistic solution to all your management needs. From check-in and check-out forms, automated invoices, staff, and student management, activity updates for parents – it brings all the processes of your center at your fingertips.

With all your tasks being digital, you and your staff waste no time doing heaps of paperwork. Illumine is a smart and smooth way of managing your center. The platform can help you save time, money, and energy while ensuring a higher quality of work at your center.

Enables your staff to be more efficient

An early childhood educator has a lot on their plate as it is – looking after the needs of the babies in their care, updating parents on a frequent basis, selecting the right curriculum, and planning lessons can be a lot of time and effort consuming. On top of that, the load of filling up paperwork does not help.

Mundanity in tasks can lead to exhaustion and bring a downfall in their productivity. By taking processes to a digital platform, you will be ensuring that all the operations are smooth and quick and are not taking too much of your staff’s time and energy.

How can Illumine help?

With Illumine, teachers can send real-time updates to parents about their kid’s activities at a click of a button. Illumine also simplifies the process of attendance marking for teachers. No longer will your staff have to deal with sign-in forms. Additionally, it also helps them make their assessments more effective and accurate by offering proper documentation tools and generating detailed reports which offer a lot of insight into a kid’s progress.

Illumine allows your staff to spend more time with and on the children and less of it on paperwork. Therefore, with the platform by your side, your staff will be able to focus on what they do the best – to help children grow and learn.

Helps you strengthen parent communication

A strong foundation of trust and communication is the key to keeping parents happy. When parents know what their children are learning and engaging with at school, their mind is at peace.

But informing parents of several kids simultaneously about every update is not an easy task. It can tend to be very laborious and time-consuming. This leaves out room for errors and lowered efficiency. Since there are several kids in a classroom, sending timely updates to each of their parents becomes challenging.

How can Illumine help?

Illumine’s parent communication app enables teachers to send real-time updates to parents effortlessly. Teachers can send meal, potty, and nap updates in just a few clicks. Additionally, they also have an option of attaching media such as photos and videos to enrich their updates.

The in-app messaging feature allows teachers to communicate with parents individually. It also lets parents raise any concerns and stay on top of any incidents at the school. They can also apply for leaves directly from the app and can also give any special instructions using the notes feature of the platform.

Every concern or query raised by a parent is notified to the teachers immediately and hence helps them resolve it in a timely manner. Teachers can also send newsletters to parents with the app, which parents can access directly from the app or on their email address.

parent teacher communication

Makes assessments more effective and accurate

Using a childcare assessment tool means you would be able to record details in a more detailed and specific way. You can generate and share detailed reports in no time. With an assessment tool’s progress, tracking becomes easier as digital reports can be accessed easily and compared with. This can enable your teachers to help the students better and parents to understand their kid’s progress better.

How can Illumine help?

Illumine makes recording observations and milestones very simple and quick. It is compatible with most of the curriculum frameworks including the EYFS framework. Teachers can also customize assessments for individual kids to cater to their specific needs.

The platform can enable you to conduct more accurate, specific, and effective assessments at your center. With parents and teachers having a better understanding of the kid’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses, they’ll be able to recognize the areas the kid needs help.

Enhances the overall quality of the center

Using the latest tools indicates that you are a professional business, which is something that both existing and potential clients value. Sophisticating the processes at your center using an advanced solution indicates that you aim to accept and offer only the best.

When your processes are streamlined, business processes at your center automatically improve. With better standards of service, your overall quality goes high as well. A childcare management platform gives you enough flexibility and accessibility to recognize problematic areas at your center and find ways to improve them.

How can Illumine help?

Illumine brings all your processes to your fingertips. You are in a better position to monitor and enhance the operations and work of your childcare center. Not just that, with the app teachers, are better equipped to help the children learn and grow.

Illumine can help you revolutionize the way you run your business. All that it comes down to is you making the right decision for your company.

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