8 Reasons why Preschools need A Bus Tracking System

    Parents have always had concern for their child’s safety before anything else. Hence, the safety and security of these little ones are of utmost importance to preschools and child care centers. From the time they are born, parents start weaving dreams around their children and want only

What are the benefits of preschool vs daycare? Is preschool required?

Preschool Versus Daycare: Meaning and Difference Parents often wonder whether preschool and daycare are the same and whether their child needs to attend either or not. Though both of them are related to childcare and child development, they both are different in India. it is understandable why they can be confusing.

What are the best learning apps for preschool kids?

In the age of digitalization, preschool education goes beyond the conventional methods of learning. Today, there are countless learning apps under preschool software applications for teaching different skills to tiny tots. Due to their dynamic nature, these tools help the kids learn in a flexible and fun manner. The use

Are Parents Whatsapp Groups Harming Your School?

There is a surprising recent trend in many schools in India to use WhatsApp groups to communicate with parents. Although free and easy to set up, it may be costing the school in numerous ways. School leaders need to consider the following implications before embracing this technological trend. Lack of

One-Stop Online Childcare Billing Software for Preschools & Daycares

  In this article, I want to deep dive into billing — one of the most challenging areas to manage at a childcare center and how Illumine abstracts the problem and solves it in an intuitive way. With our system, staff and administrators no longer have to stress about generating the invoices

How Illumine’s Childcare App Helps Daycare Providers Everyday

We know home daycare providers do not have it easy. You have to be a tax expert, a payroll expert, and a marketing expert — all while managing family relationships and most importantly taking extremely good care of the children. It’s like a whole company rolled into one person. That’s where a

Teach Children to Manage their Behaviour & Emotions: 14 Discipline Tips & Strategies

In dealing with young children, you will inevitably have situations where you will need to provide some discipline for a misstep in behaviour. Here are some helpful tips and suggestions on ways in which you can use positive discipline, instead of physical punishments. Explaining the problem simply: “Biting hurts! Be

Best Ways to Track a Child’s Development Using an App

Following the development of children is one of the most important tasks undertaken in early education settings. Technology provides simple and modernized processes for observation and record-keeping. Using an app to track a child’s development keeps information organized and makes sharing easier. Educator Tips: Here are 5 tips about the

How to Energize the Youngest Brains for Reading

Listening to stories stimulates the “reading network” Photo credit PBS.orgThere is no dispute about the value of reading to your children. It expands their vocabularies, develops their language and literacy skills, and helps them absorb important social-emotional understandings. In fact, the National Commission on Reading considers reading aloud to children “the single

What does emotional development involve?

Aren’t these skills important for the future of our kids too? When we think about child development we tend to imagine babies learning to walk, talk and count. We do our best to make sure that our child is on track on all these abilities and that he or she

Smart devices in the hands of babes. Do they help or harm?

credit: youngest children are growing up with smart phones in hand. They are often quite adept at scrolling before uttering their first word. But, new research shows that using smart devices relates to expressive speech delays. Researchers at TARGet Kids! in Toronto followed almost 900 children between the ages

Do you know why wordless books are better for kids?

[Hint: You have to work harder!] credit: maillustrations.comIt is well established that reading aloud to children aids their emotional and academic development in countless ways. For example, shared reading experiences: Promote language development Engage brain areas that will later be used for independent reading, even in the youngest children Create a

Infant Swimming: What You Need to Know

Babies as young as 6 months old can swim, and it’s more common than you think! Remember Nirvana’s iconic album cover of the swimming baby? If you thought this was a Photoshop trick, prepare to be surprised! How would an infant swimming lesson go? For babies from 6–8 months of age,

How To Help Kids Become Early Talkers!

How to do this? Talking to your baby, right from the day he is born, is said to encourage him to communicate and respond. Simple activities like singing poems or telling stories can improve his language skills. As moms, it couldn’t be soon enough to hear our babies talk and

Concerned about your baby’s language delay?

They can’t do it without you credit: arrive into this world equipped with a brain that is primed to learn certain innate abilities. One of the most fundamental is the ability for language development. This alone, however, isn’t enough. TWO more ingredients are needed: A language environment A responsive partner