How to Start a Preschool in Post-Covid Times?


The COVID-19 pandemic has touched every sector across the globe. It has inflicted everyone to stay indoors and businesses to shut down or operate from home. The outbreak has led to the closure of all the schools worldwide, and students are experiencing the new normal by studying through online classes. In this scenario, preschools are one of the most affected sectors worldwide.

Parents are working from home as well as struggling to take care of their little ones simultaneously. This has become a hassling situation for them and will be even more unpleasant when they will go back to the offices for work.

Reopening of Preschools

As people are starting to adapt to the new normal, preschools are also considering opening soon. The biggest question for everyone is, how to protect the little ones from getting infected and ensure that their learning isn’t affected?

If you are a preschool owner and considering to reopen the center or someone who wants to open a new preschool, the best thing you can do is to be prepared according to the guidelines and regulations provided. Prioritize your central objective to keep yourself updated with the requirements specified by the authorities in your area.

You will need to update your current handbook according to the new regulations considering COVID-19. In order to be well prepared in front of the parents and to assure them that their children will be safe, you will need to train your staff accordingly with proper instructions.

Social distancing norms, masks, gloves, deep cleaning, etc. will be the new priorities for your school. Take measures like reducing the number of students in each classroom, spacing out the sitting arrangement, keeping the school clean and disinfected, etc.

Tips to Start Preschool Post COVID Times

  • Ensure a proper supply of medical-aid.
  • Staff health records must be up to date.
  • Train the staff on how to respond to any COVID-19 related symptoms spotted in any student or the staff themselves.
  • Constant communication has to be maintained with the parents.
  • Limit the entry in the premises to only students and staff.

Need For Best Preschool App

As the responsibilities have increased, you may find it laborious to manage everything manually, especially when it comes to maintaining records. In such a case, daycare software can be your savior automating most of your daily activities.

Daycare software or daycare app like Illumine understands the nuanced needs of your centers and can help you in many aspects of your daycare program. It will contribute to the intellectual development of children by increasing your focus on the kids’ performance.

It will simplify your job and will result in an efficient way of handling daily activities. In this article now, we are going to discuss the best preschool app which will efficiently handle and manage most of the aspects of your daycare activities.

How can Preschool Management Software Help?

Preschool software aids in efficiently managing a lot of your preschool activities. From dispersed hard copy files to maintaining old school records, the preschool app handles all the aspects of your job in its cloud-based functions. Its major functionalities include:

  • Billing & Fee Collection
  • Parent Communication
  • Attendance
  • Assessment
  • Lessons & Remote Learning
  • Staff Management
  • Admission & Waitlist
  • Onboarding & Support

Illumine: The Best Preschool App For You

From managing scattered forms to maintaining old records, every preschool program has its own needs considering their way of managing work. Now, think of an app that:

  • Considers your preference for work.
  • Is easy to use and handle.
  • Is suitable for both large and small preschool operations.
  • Offers a demo, allowing you to explore the user interface.
  • Can be customized according to your preschool needs.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

Well, with Illumine, you can enjoy all the above-mentioned features with a lot more specific functionalities.

Let us explore some of its features to understand better.

Admissions and Registrations

This daycare software manages a high volume of new enrolments that can be customized according to your needs. With the excel/API-based integration website inquiries automatically can come in Illumine and there is no need for an expensive CRM system.

Quickly access follow-ups that are due, to the task reminder feature of this childcare app. Onboard students from CRM to Illumine app with a click, no need of recording all information again with this child care software. This helps save a tremendous amount of time for the preschool teachers to focus on childcare especially during these covid times.

Billing and Fee Collection

Parents living in suburban areas usually do not tend to come to the school and make payments in-person. They prefer online platforms to be more convenient for them.

In this childcare software, parents can pay online using a card, online banking, local payment methods like ACH Debit/Credit, etc. It supports most of the currencies and countries for online payments, including Razorpay, Stripe & Paytm payment gateway integrated to support all the countries.

Payment settlement gets automatically updated, and payments get credited to the school’s account. Parents can anytime view previous bills, receipts from the app and download the receipt, instead of going to the school.

Parent Engagement

This preschool software enables two-way communication between school and parents. Parents will be updated on what their child is working on with the real-time notifications with an option to enable and disable certain notifications.

Parents can view every moment of their child using a photo gallery where all the photos will be watermarked with the school logo which helps the school in branding without any cost and has been a key focus in the sales pitch. It will result in happier parents as they will be more involved in their kids’ activities.

Seamless Attendance

Illumine is the best childcare app that offers a full set of tools for maintaining the attendance of students as well as the staff. Parents can do self-check-in/out when coming to drop/pick-up the child. It will also record the selfie of the person to enhance security.

Schools can keep a daily medical log with temp checks and share it with parents. No paper-based logs are required. This feature of the daycare app can be customized as per your preference.


Choosing the right preschool management software can result in a bright future for your school in terms of many aspects of your regular activities. You will need to outline key considerations that drive the need to purchase pre-school management software. We recommend you to ensure that whichever software you finalize, should suit those considerations especially your requirements to suit the new normal.

Illumine daycare software is the daycare management software that will comprehensively manage your daycare program. If you are interested in examining how Illumine can revolutionize the services of your preschool, you can request a demo at

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